Tea Infused Popsicles

Dear Tea Lovers,

You are going to love these tea-infused popsicles!! 

If you are hanging out in your back garden whilst enjoying the long summer days, we have 6 refreshing tea popsicles recipes to share with you. Popsicles make great summer treats, whether you are an adult or a child and come top of the list for a low-calorie treat. We have chosen some of our favourite teas that taste fab when iced, but before you start making your tea popsicle, here are some points to consider…

Tea Popsicle Guidelines

We recommend brewing the tea double the time of the usual brew to ensure a fuller flavour and don’t worry there will be no bitter notes. Ice dilutes the tea flavour, and a more robust infusion will avoid a wishy-washy taste.

For our recipes, we have chosen to hot brew the tea rather than cold brew because we believe this will bring out the depth of flavour ideal for a popsicle. Using the cold brew method is perfectly fine, as it’s just a matter of your preference.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a popsicle mould; a paper cup will do instead.  

For a creamer textured popsicle, use sugar instead of other sweeteners and add fruit.

Sometimes, removing the popsicle from the mould can be difficult after freezing. Simply pop it under warm running water, which should do the trick.

So let’s get making these incredibly easy and fun popsicles…

White Rose and Raspberry Tea Popsicle

We chose White Rose and Raspberry because this makes a delicious and refreshing summer iced tea. We combined this with frozen raspberries to bring out the flavours and add extra fruity tartness and texture to the popsicle.


1 tsp White Rose and Raspberry tea

200 ml 80 degrees hot water

1 cup frozen raspberries

5 tsp agave (or to taste)

Garnish with a few frozen raspberries


Brew tea for 6 minutes for a fuller flavour infusion. Let it cool. In a blender, combine tea, raspberries, and agave. Pour into moulds and garnish with raspberries. Freeze overnight.

Earl Grey Orange Tea Popsicle

We thought this award-winning tea would make the perfect popsicle due to its pronounced citrus notes. The added citrus orange creates an exciting twist to the traditional Earl Grey tea.


1 tsp Earl Grey Orange

200ml boiling water

2 tsp lemon juice

4 tsp agave (or to taste) 

Halved orange slices to garnish


Brew tea in boiling hot water for 6 – 10 minutes to get a strong brew. Let it cool. 

In a jug, pour the cooled tea, lemon juice and agave and whisk to blend. Pour the tea into the mould and garnish with a halved slice of orange. 

Freeze overnight.

White Jasmine and Apricot Tea Popsicles

White Jasmine and Apricot tea is an award-winning tea. It is a blend that combines white and green tea leaves, heavenly floral jasmine and rose flowers with fruity apricots. The tea on its own is a winner, whether drunk hot or iced. We enhanced the flavour by blending it with apricots which worked really well.


1 tsp White Jasmine and Apricot

200ml 80 degrees hot water

4 tsp agave (or to taste)

4 chopped apricots (substitute for peach or nectarine)

Garnish with sliced apricot


Brew tea in hot water for 6-10 minutes for a strong-tasting flavour. Let it cool. 

In a blender, combine tea, apricots, and agave till blended. Pour into the mould and garnish with a couple of sliced apricots. Freeze overnight.

Relax and Recover Tea Popsicles

Relax and Recover tea is our latest creation designed with organically sourced botanical ingredients such as rosechamomilehibiscus, and nettle. The ingredients help the body and mind fully relax so that you can unwind, and enjoy the summer heat. The nourishing Relax and Recover tea offers a heady aroma of roses that combines well with blended strawberries’ sweet and tart flavours.


1 tea bag Relax and Recover

100ml boiling hot water

100ml cloudy lemonade

1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries chopped

4 tsp agave

Garnish with sliced strawberries


Brew the tea for 10 minutes for a fuller-bodied infusion. 

Let it cool. In a blender, add tea, lemonade, strawberries, and agave. Blend it well combined and pour it into moulds. 

Garnish with sliced strawberries.

Turkish Apple Tea Popsicles

Turkish Apple is made entirely of apples, offering a naturally sweet and tart cup of tea. The flavours speak for themselves, but we ended up blending it with a fresh apple and some mint leaves and oh boy, aren’t we glad we did so!!


2 tsp Turkish Apple tea

200ml boiling hot water

Mint leaves from a sprig

1 apple chopped

4 tsp agave

Garnish with sliced apple and mint leaves


Brew tea for 10 minutes. Let it cool. In a blender, pour tea, mint leaves, apple and agave. Blend till well combined. Pour in the moulds and garnish with sliced apple and mint leaves.

Soothe Tea Popsicle

Soothe tea is a popular herbal tea combining chamomilelavender and ginger. The floral flavours work well with the spicy and heaty notes of ginger. This is another botanical tea from our herbal tea collection that helps soothe the worries away whilst relaxing into the evening. The popsicle can be enjoyed best as a dessert after your evening meal.


1 tsp Soothe tea leaves

200ml boiling hot water

1 tsp lemon juice

4 tsp agave

Garnish lavender sprig or a pinch of lavender leaves and cucumber slices


Brew tea for 5 minutes. Let it cool. In a jug, combine tea, lemon juice, and agave. Whisk well and pour into moulds. Garnish with lavender and cucumber slices and freeze overnight.

We also made mini popsicles by pouring into shot size paper cups – a fantastic dessert treat to have on the centre!!

If you decide to get creative and try out these recipes, we would love to hear from you. There are so many variations to experiment with as the flavours are endless. 

We hope that making popsicles becomes your new favourite summer treat. Enjoy!


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