Our Journey

Camellia’s Tea House is an independent, family run business based in London that was founded by brother and sister, Lubna and Ajit Madan. From humble beginnings when they began blending teas at home, their passion for tea has led them to create beautiful and highly rated tea houses as well as some of the tea industries most innovative tea and wellness infusion blends. Camellia’s Tea House is very proud that they now collaborate with some of the finest restaurants, hotels, spas and tea lovers from around the world.

Handmade Tea Blends

Many of our teas our designed and made by us in London using traditional handmade techniques using small batch and fresh ingredients. Freshly blending teas through handmade processes means we are able to design teas exactly as we want them utilising a huge variety of ingredients from whole flowers to tiny herbs or even gold !

Freshness and Quality

We only use the highest quality, small batch tea and other ingredients from around the world to ensure our teas are as premium as possible, have the best taste profile and ultimately, as natural as possible. We produce our teas in small quantities and fresh to order to ensure te as are as vibrant as possible when they are enjoyed by our customers.


The healing potential of teas, herbs and flowers is very well known and we have been designing the highest quality wellness tea blends to tackle some of the most common health issues people face today. We only use natural and wild crafted ingredients and never compromise on quality or freshness.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is at the heart of what Camellia’s Tea House does and our original recipes reflect our passion for providing our customers with innovative and delicious teas. We work with some of the most creative minds in the food and health industries to showcase how teas can be integrated in to food and lifestyles.

Tea Culture

Our tea houses are a natural expression of our passion and desire to create spaces for people to immerse themselves in tea culture. Tea’s rich flavour profiles and textures can be harnessed by chefs to create truly spectacular food and drinks and at Camellia’s Tea House, we have embraced tea gastronomy and all our foods and drinks are infused with our teas.

Lubna Madan

Lubna Madan, worked for many years in the therapeutic spa industry before qualifying as a Homeopath. Lubna specialises in designing wellness teas and foods and is the font of Camellia’s herbal infusions knowledge.

Lubna loves to spend her time with her family, listening to world
music and creating food and drink recipes. Her favourite tea is Soothing Rose!


Ajit Madan

Ajit Madan, has a degree in Medical Microbiology and began immersing himself in his passion for tea about 15 years ago. He became the UKs first Certified ITEI Master Tea Sommelier and is currently drinking his way through as many dark oolongs as possible!

Ajit is a keen tennis player, loves to cook, listen to music and reads as much about physics as he possibly can! He also loves to spend time with his young family.