About Us

ajit-and-lubna-portrait-1Camellia’s Tea House was founded in late 2007 and was born from a desire to create a wellness range of teas which would not only be founded on the well-known health properties of tea but also on the quintessentially English heritage of tea drinking. Camellia’s Tea House is an energetic, healthy and quirky tea company which hopes to make drinking tea the “thing to do” whilst improving your health at the same time!

The founders of the business are Lubna Madan, who is a qualified Homeopath and the font of Camellia’s herbal infusions knowledge and her brother, Ajit Madan, who is the UKs first ITEI Master Tea Sommelier and has a background in molecular biology and finance. Together, they have formed a partnership based on a mutual passion for tea. A great recognition must also go to Jasbir Madan, who was instrumental in the initial design concept of the Tea Rooms.

Where does the name Camellia’s Tea House come from?

We were inspired by the name, Camellia Sinensis which is the botanical name of the plant that produces white, green and black teas. In a way that is similar to wines, teas produced by different estates have specific “vintages” and differing levels of quality depending on which leaves are harvested during the production process.

What influenced Lubna to create Camellia’s Tea House?

There were a couple of thoughts – first, I was bored of ordering regular herbal infusions such as chamomile, peppermint etc. from cafes and restaurants. Coming from a past where my grandmother used to pick herbs from the garden and create wonderful therapeutic tea blends, I always felt there was room for much more. It was that thought along with my background in homeopathy, which motivated me to begin creating herbal infusions as well as fusion teas combining teas with flowers, spices and herbs.

The other thought was to revive a typical English Tea Room, which sadly in London is a dying or non-existent breed, but with my own original and quirky twist. Yes, you do have tea servings at some of the big London hotels at a very high cost and of course the coffee shop around every corner also serves “tea”, but having grown up in Wiltshire I was brought up on cream teas in wonderful tea rooms and I didn’t see any good quality tea rooms at affordable prices in London.

What makes Camellia’s Tea House different?

Lubna-blending-1Our brand is unique because we are an artisan tea company where teas are blended by hand using our own original and unique tea recipes. All our packaging is hand finished and has a certain quaint and homemade quality to it.

Being a homeopath by profession and having worked closely with herbal medicines, Lubna brings that knowledge, experience and therapeutic philosophy to her teas and unique herbal infusion blends. We are very particular about our sourcing and only import teas from specialist tea gardens which are known for their quality and pesticide free manufacturing processes. Our teas are made in small batches which ensures the quality and freshness of the blends.

What do you hope to accomplish with Camellia?

With the movement to organic and herbal teas, there is starting to be a different consciousness amongst people and through Camellia’s Tea House, we wanted to export that concept of a healthy tea brand and tea rooms.

I want it to be a place where life can be discussed over a delicious, energizing and healthy cup of tea in a premium yet quirky environment – where the experience is part of the journey. At Camellia, we are truly passionate about tea because it’s really healthy, it fascinates our senses, it is well travelled and full of history! It is a journey we have just set out on and I hope as time progresses it evolves in a way where we can achieve our hope of exporting our wellness tea brand and tea room concept to the world at large.

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