Black Teas

Our range of single origin black teas span the world's best tea regions, from Darjeeling, Assam, Ceylon and Yunnan – each region offering a unique flavour profile.
Afternoon Tea
Also known as the 'High Noon' tea, it has a…
From £6.95
Assam Bargang
Assam Bargang tea comes from an estate located on the…
From £6.95
Ceylon Kenilworth
This Sri Lankan tea estate was created in 1947 by…
From £6.95
Chai Tea
A touch of the South East - this is an…
From £6.95
Chocolate Tea
The unmistakable flavour of chocolate without all the calories! A…
From £6.95
Cholesterol Cleanser Tea
This is a delicious fusion of Pu Erh tea, ginger…
From £6.95
Cinnamon Tea
A classic, medium bodied Chinese black tea has been enriched…
From £6.95
Darjeeling First Flush Blend
First flush Darjeelings are sometimes referred to as the "champagne"…
From £14.95
Darjeeling Goomtee 2nd Flush
Goomtee is ranked among the top gardens in Darjeeling, India…
From £8.95
Darjeeling Jungpana Supreme 2nd Flush
Jungpana is a tiny, beautiful and renowned garden nestled in…
From £14.95
Earl Grey Blue Flower
Another very tasteful spin on the Earl Grey blends.
From £6.95
Earl Grey Orange
This Great Taste Award winning tea is a classic Earl…
From £6.95
Earl Grey Tea
Earl Grey is one of the most widely drunk teas…
From £6.95
English Breakfast Tea
Our finest English Breakfast tea is a delicious combination of…
From £6.95
Extravagant Earl Grey Tea
A Camellia?s Tea House handmade bespoke tea which combines Earl…
From £8.95
Far East Tea
Spices are an integral part of our life and the…
From £7.25
Lapsang Souchong
These teas are a speciality of Fujian Province in China.
From £6.95
Mango Tea
A mild and faintly spicy blend of carefully selected Ceylon…
From £6.95
Rose Tea
Also known as Mei Gui Hong Cha, this Rose Tea…
From £6.95
Smokey Earl Grey
Two of the classic flavourings for black tea come together…
From £6.95
Sweet Orange Tea
A delicious and refreshing tea - a blend of Chinese…
From £5.95
Vanilla Tea
Vanilla Tea is a high-grade blend of aromatic and spicy…
From £6.95
Due to its geographical location and climate, Yunnan is often…
From £6.95