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What Are The Different Types Of Tea?
Each tea has different benefits, and there's plenty of evidence that drinking tea can positively impact your health.
20th October 2021
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Starting My Personal Journey To Fighting Inflammation
Nowadays, inflammation has become a buzzword, and there is an epidemic currently affecting so many different people in different ways.
26th January 2022
The Story of Hibiscus
Hibiscus flower makes a beautiful red, rose or pink tea and is sometimes referred to the sour tea because of its tart, cranberry-like flavour. Hibiscus tea is popular both hot and iced - often combined with fruit and herbal tea…
28th May 2021
Mother's Day Tea Gift Ideas
Choosing how to spoil your Mum this year may be more tricky than normal in the midst of a pandemic! In this blog, we're thrilled to share with you some tips to make your beloved mom/ women feel special on…
20th February 2021
Foot Soak - Home remedy to focus on your feet!
To help with relaxation and detoxification, we have created a simple home remedy for you to try – a wonderful herbal tea and Epsom Salt foot soak, which can be combined with a simple foot pressure point massage, to enhance…
18th February 2021
How can you celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021?
We chatted over a cup of tea with Lubna Madan, co-Founder of Camellia’s Tea House and Head Tea Designer, about what Valentine’s Day really means to her this year…
4th February 2021
Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe with an Earl Grey Orange Tea…
We're thrilled to share with you a "oh-so-easy" tea cocktail recipe to chill at home. We use our Great Taste Award winning Earl Grey Orange Tea to give the classic Old Fashioned cocktail a special twist. Let’s check it out!
31st August 2020
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