White Teas

White tea is the least processed or unoxidised type of tea thereby often providing light and delicate flavours. This nature allows white tea to be blended successfully with other ingredients to create innovative tea blends bursting with natural flavours of fruits, herbs and spices.

Camellia's Tea House Welcome Tea
A light golden infusion with soft texture that will refresh…
From £6.95
White Apricot Tea
A Gold Taste Award winning fusion tea that combines the…
From £5.95
White Essence Tea
A truly exotic and delightful blend packed with goodness. White…
From £5.95
White Harmony Tea
This is a soothing and delicious tea, ideal for relaxed…
From £5.95
White Orange
White Orange is a very refreshing tea which combines white…
From £5.95
White Rose & Raspberry Tea
This delicate fusion tea is an experience not to be…
From £5.95
White Snowbuds
Snow Buds is a premium white tea, grown in southeast…
From £7.95