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We source the finest quality speciality teas, herbs, spices and flowers from around the world

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We are passionate about fresh, small batch blends that capture the vitality of their ingredients and are bursting with flavour and therapeutic potential

Wellness & Lifestyle Tea

There are thousands of different tea varieties out there, with many unique teas found only in certain parts of the world

Sustainability & Environment

All of our ingredients are sourced directly from sustainable accredited gardens and all of our packaging is recyclable

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Camellia's Tea House Welcome Tea
A light golden infusion with soft texture that will refresh…
From £6.95
White Apricot Tea
A Gold Taste Award winning fusion tea that combines the…
From £5.95
Rooibos Orange & Cactus Fig
A very popular rooibos blend, packed with fascinating ingredients such…
From £6.95
Jasmine Pearls
This tea comes from the Fujian province and is also…
From £19.95
Sencha Organic (semi shaded)
Sencha stands for infused tea and it is the most…
From £13.95
White Rose & Raspberry Tea
This delicate fusion tea is an experience not to be…
From £5.95
Mango Tea
A mild and faintly spicy blend of carefully selected Ceylon…
From £6.95
Jasmine Bai Mao Hou
Also known as 'White Haired Monkey' because the young tea…
From £7.95
Camellia's Tea House Welcome Tea
A light golden infusion with soft texture that will refresh…
From £6.95
Very Berry Tea
An exciting, pure fruit tea consisting of a wide selection…
From £6.99
Stress Tea
Stress Tea is a delicious wellness tea blend which can…
From £5.95
Peppermint is well known for being a fantastic digestive and…
From £4.95

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Honey & Berry Baked Cheesecake Tarts
The London Honey Co's Salisbury Honey and Berry complement each other well to create delicious recipes. Enjoy these cheesecake tarts with your loved ones!
4th June 2021
The Story of Hibiscus
Hibiscus flower makes a beautiful red, rose or pink tea and is sometimes referred to the sour tea because of its tart, cranberry-like flavour. Hibiscus tea is popular both hot and iced - often combined…
28th May 2021
White Apricot Cake Doughnuts
The sun is gleaming and the apricot season is at hand. Apricots can easily be incorporated in food because they are sweet, light and wholesome. Our White Apricot tea has the perfect combination of apricot…
13th May 2021

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