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June 2019

May 2019

Tea Sommelier Course 15th – 17th April 2019

Last month, Camellia’s Tea House proudly held the ITEI Tea Sommelier course in three days from 15th to 17th April 2019. The course was occurred at the Dukes Hotel in central London, with the participants are managers from famous hotels and tea passionate drinker, especially one of our trainers are the manager from the Dukes Hotel in Food and Beverage section, her purpose for the course is to expand her knowledge in tea section. The course is designed to provide [...]

March 2019

November 2016

The Ting Thing – At Home Autumn Beauty Moments

"The idea of a soothing cup of Camellia’s Tea House* herbal tea that will help keep my hair growing healthily or boost my skin with antioxidants is great. I just don’t know if I drink enough herbal tea for it to make a difference. Perhaps I’ll know when I run out of it!" You can find the whole article here: The Ting Thing - At Home Autumn Beauty Spa Moments

July 2016

The Caterer – Spas Get Personal

"My cup of tea In the move “beyond purely beauty or pampering”, many spas are tapping in to the ancient power of herbal medicine, which remains the key source of medicine in 80% of the developing world, notes Ajit Madan, co-founder of London’s Camellia’s Tea House and the UK’s first certified master tea sommelier. “Tea and herbal teas are being used much more in spa environments, either in combination with treatments or as healthy beverages, rather than the usual water and [...]

January 2016

Spa Business Magazine – Ajit Madan

"Ajit Madan, co-founder of Camellia’s Tea House in London, has just been appointed England’s first certified master tea sommelier by the International Tea Education Institute – a surprising first in a country that drinks 165 million cups of tea a day. Much like wine, teas produced by different estates have specific ‘vintages’ and differing levels of quality, depending on which leaves are harvested during the production process, so certification as a sommelier is quite intense. Madan has a background in molecular [...]

June 2015

Big Hospitality – Boom in global tea culture to bring teahouses to UK high streets

"Ajit Madan, owner of Camellia's Tea House and the UK's first accredited tea sommelier is predicting the rise of the teahouse on the UK's high streets as renewed interest in the hot beverage grows among consumers. While traditional tea rooms have made way for coffee shops on our high streets, Madan, who was appointed the UK’s first ITEI Certified Master Tea Sommelier by the International Tea Education Institute earlier this year, believes the tables will be turning back in tea's favour over [...]

Professional Spa & Wellness – The Inside Track

"Perfect fit Ajit Madan, co-founder of family-run Camellia’s Tea House, which specialises in wellness teas and whose client list includes leading spas and hotels around the world, says the industry’s understanding of the physical and mental benefits of green and herbal tea has followed a similar trajectory. “When we started the business in 2007, there was very little awareness,” he said. “In the UK, the average spa manager or director had never really heard of a wellness tea company [...]

May 2015

Cosmopolitan – 8 new ways to deal with eczema

"7. Drink herbal teas Beautiful Skin Tea, £5.95 per 50g, has had rave reviews from eczema suffers, and has even been recommended to the National Eczema Association as a tried and tested treatment. Dandelion and chickweed are the key skin healing ingredients in the brew, which combine to offer anti-inflammatories, healing vitamins A and C, plus iron and calcium which are known to be effective skin healers. But it's not just about the drinking. You can also drop five [...]

ITV This Morning – Which Brew For You?

"We Brits love a good brew. It's estimated we drink 165 million cups a day, that's over 60 billion a year - and one in three women regularly seek comfort in a cuppa. Tea expert Ajit Madan, the UK's only certified tea sommelier, believes there's the perfect tea for every occasion. Whether you're nervous ahead of a first date or preparing for a big exam - Ajit is here to show you what you should be brewing." You can find the [...]

Mail Online – Britain’s First Master Tea Sommelier Reveals…

"For most Brits a nice cup of tea and a sit down really does make everything better.  And a recent YouGov poll revealed that while the average Briton enjoys around 884 cups of tea, women turn to a brew for comfort more regularly than men. Now tea expert Ajit Madan, the UK's first and only certified master tea sommelier, has revealed that rather than just something to sip each afternoon, there is a special blend to go with every occasion. From the [...]

April 2015

All In London – Mother’s Day Treats

"If an classic Afternoon Tea is your bag, forgo the formalities of London's hotels (exquisite as they are) for an altogether more cosy and wholesome set up at Kingly Court's Camellia's Tea House, just off Carnaby Street. Their Mother's Day Afternoon Tea Menu, available from Friday until the 20th, 1-6pm, includes a selection of finger sandwiches including such delicacies ad cream cheese with strawberry puree, along with classic scones, macarons and their delicious array of freshly baked cakes, not [...]

This London Life – Camellia’s Tea House Soho

"If you're looking for something to do this Easter weekend then let me tell you about an adorable tea shop hidden on the top floor of Kingly Court, located just behind Oxford Street. Camellia's Tea House is a quirky family run tea house that serves and sells well over 100 different tea's that are all hand blended. If you're a tea lover like me then this will be your idea of heaven. They have so many different blends of tea and [...]

March 2015

House of Coco – The English Love For Lavender

"Drink it Indulge in a relaxing ‘White Harmony’ Tea from Camellia’s Tea House. Organically cultivated, this soothing and delicious tea is ideal to accompany you in your relaxed moments. White tea is infused with chamomile, rose and lavender to create a light subtle floral aroma while encapsulating the distinctive flavour of lavender and chamomile." You can find the whole article here: House of Coco - The English Love For Lavender