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September 2019

September Wellness Tea Workshop & Tasting

We get excited about getting others passionate about tea! Come and join a wellness tea workshop & tasting event with Ajit Madan - ITEI Master Tea Sommelier and Founder of Camellia’s Tea House. The event lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Get tickets here: Our Tea Workshop includes: 1. Brief introduction about the brand, essential tea knowledge, brewing methods, application of tea in the F&B industry, health benefits of wellness tea, and cocktails menu (15 mins). 2. Tea tour to experience more than 100 types of [...]

September Newsletter | Wellness Tea Workshop & Tasting is coming back!

Dear Tea Lovers I hope you all had a fabulous summer and were able to enjoy the sunshine and lots iced teas! With Autumn around the corner, we are delighted to announce our Wellness Tea Workshop & Tasting experience. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the incredible health attributes of teas and herbs and we hope to see you at the event! Our certified Tea School is close to announcing its dates for the next Tea Sommelier Tea Program this [...]

August 2019

August Newsletter

Dear Tea Friends, The summer season is in full swing and we have been having so much fun creating summer iced drinks and doing all things cold! For tea heads, August is defined by holidays and of course Afternoon Tea Week! We have created a tea-inspired Afternoon Tea menu with tea-infused sandwiches, cakes and preserves! To celebrate Afternoon Tea Week, we have created some special offers that may entice you and we hope to celebrate Afternoon Tea Week with as many of [...]

July 2019

July Newsletter – There is no better time to polish up your iced tea making skills!

Dear tea lovers, The summer season is upon us with the school holidays just around the corner and there is no better time to polish up your iced tea making skills! I love to prepare iced teas for outdoor parties and also for my children because iced teas are really healthy, full of flavour and the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor activity. I often prepare an iced tea in the evening and then decant this into my reusable water bottle [...]

Wellness Iced Tea Workshop & Tasting Event

To celebrate the Summer, Camellia's Tea House has some tips to share with you to get through the hot days. Last Sunday, our team organized the Wellness Iced Tea Workshop & Tasting Event. During a two-hour workshop, we explored the origins of tea,  highlighted basic tea knowledge and learned how to brew them in different methods. The cold-brew tea bases (Beautiful Skin, Turkish Apple, China Gunpowder, English Breakfast) It was a big challenge for the attendees to smell more than 100 types [...]

June 2019

Afternoon Tea Of The Year Award 2019

We are proud to have been the sponsor of The Afternoon Tea Of The Year 2019. Friday the 15th of June, Camellia’s Tea House have been honoured be the tea sponsor and partner of the Afternoon Tea of the Year awards which took place at the Westminster boating base, in London. For the second occasion of the Afternoon Tea Of the year, 12 hotels from all over the UK were competing to present their signature afternoon teas. Each afternoon tea has been judged on the criteria [...]

May 2019

Tea Sommelier Course 15th – 17th April 2019

Last month, Camellia’s Tea House proudly held the ITEI Tea Sommelier course in three days from 15th to 17th April 2019. The course was occurred at the Dukes Hotel in central London, with the participants are managers from famous hotels and tea passionate drinker, especially one of our trainers are the manager from the Dukes Hotel in Food and Beverage section, her purpose for the course is to expand her knowledge in tea section. The course is designed to provide [...]

March 2019

November 2016

The Ting Thing – At Home Autumn Beauty Moments

"The idea of a soothing cup of Camellia’s Tea House* herbal tea that will help keep my hair growing healthily or boost my skin with antioxidants is great. I just don’t know if I drink enough herbal tea for it to make a difference. Perhaps I’ll know when I run out of it!" You can find the whole article here: The Ting Thing - At Home Autumn Beauty Spa Moments

July 2016

The Caterer – Spas Get Personal

"My cup of tea In the move “beyond purely beauty or pampering”, many spas are tapping in to the ancient power of herbal medicine, which remains the key source of medicine in 80% of the developing world, notes Ajit Madan, co-founder of London’s Camellia’s Tea House and the UK’s first certified master tea sommelier. “Tea and herbal teas are being used much more in spa environments, either in combination with treatments or as healthy beverages, rather than the usual water and [...]

January 2016

Spa Business Magazine – Ajit Madan

"Ajit Madan, co-founder of Camellia’s Tea House in London, has just been appointed England’s first certified master tea sommelier by the International Tea Education Institute – a surprising first in a country that drinks 165 million cups of tea a day. Much like wine, teas produced by different estates have specific ‘vintages’ and differing levels of quality, depending on which leaves are harvested during the production process, so certification as a sommelier is quite intense. Madan has a background in molecular [...]

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