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Hay Fever Remedies
Spring is one of the most loveable seasons of the year, as it marks the end of winter and a transition to summer. The days begin to last longer and the nights shorter. The extra daylight hours and exposure to…
17th April 2021
Peppermint Tea For The Allergy Season
Natural herbal remedies can help with allergic symptoms such as chamomile and nettle, but peppermint equally plays an important role and is scientifically recognized to help with respiratory symptoms.
6th April 2021
The Perfect Herbal Spring Tea
"When I feel this good, I know it’s time to explore the depth of my creative skills. Happiness Tea was born from the idea of wanting to create a visually beautiful, caffeine-free tea infusion." - Lubna Madan - Camellia's Tea…
31st March 2021
Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns
Nothing beats a delicious hot cross bun! The classic hot cross bun is full of spice and dried fruits. With the Easter Weekend fast approaching, we’ve put a twist on ours and added Camellia’s Earl Grey tea to make them…
25th March 2021
Tea Recommendation for the Easter Holiday
Spring is coming and Easter is just around the corner…. So, it’s time to start thinking about teas that can reinforce your happiness and your overall health – winter isn’t the only time you need to boost your system!
22nd March 2021
White Apricot French Toast
Why not try making something new and delicious this month? Our award winning White Apricot tea can be infused into this recipe for a fantastic and indulgent treat - a great idea for a tasty breakfast or a sweet afternoon…
13th March 2021
Balance Tea for Hormone Health – A Perfect Mother’s Day…
Women of all ages can benefit from this wonderful wellness tea. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Balance tea would be a perfect gift for your mum to have during times of need!
23rd February 2021
Mother's Day Tea Gift Ideas
Choosing how to spoil your Mum this year may be more tricky than normal in the midst of a pandemic! In this blog, we're thrilled to share with you some tips to make your beloved mom/ women feel special on…
20th February 2021
Foot Soak - Home remedy to focus on your feet!
To help with relaxation and detoxification, we have created a simple home remedy for you to try – a wonderful herbal tea and Epsom Salt foot soak, which can be combined with a simple foot pressure point massage, to enhance…
18th February 2021