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March 2019

June 2017

Summer Sun Iced Teas

Are you prepared for the summer? Despite the recent wet weather that the UK is so famous for, it seems that things are about to change. It’s reported that Britain is in for the hottest summer and only weeks away from a flaming 100F/37C with tropical heatwaves driven by the “Spanish Pluming”. Before the panic sets in and people rush to buy electrical fans and other cooling mechanisms, we suggest that you stock up on plenty of tea leaves and [...]

August 2014

China Pai Mu Tan

China Pai Mu Tan is a Chinese white tea with a very refreshing aroma and a gorgeous light golden colour. The name, sometimes spelt as 'Bai Mudan', derives from its resemblance to the White Peony's petals. The white green leaves are exceptionally big and one can find many silver tips among them. This tea is carefully processed in a natural way, only through drying and withering in the sun. As it is a white tea, China Pai Mu Tan contains [...]

June 2014

White Harmony Tea

White tea characteristically has a subtle, layered flavour. For this reason, I was a little defensive when I first heard about its use in flavoured blends - surely the tea's own delicious taste would quickly be swamped by anything mixed in with it? It turns out that I underestimated its underlying robustness, and the possibility of the tea's subtler notes making themselves felt over a background of other flavours. At core, white tea - China Pai Mu Tan in particular [...]