China Pai Mu Tan

China Pai Mu Tan

China Pai Mu Tan is a Chinese white tea with a very refreshing aroma and a gorgeous light golden colour. The name, sometimes spelt as ‘Bai Mudan’, derives from its resemblance to the White Peony’s petals. The white green leaves are exceptionally big and one can find many silver tips among them. This tea is carefully processed in a natural way, only through drying and withering in the sun.

As it is a white tea, China Pai Mu Tan contains the smallest amount of natural caffeine out of all the other types of tea, whilst still embodying the full range of health benefits that a cup of green or black tea has to offer.

The flavour of this unique tea can be described as mellow, slightly flowery and even sweet, while at the same time lacking that grassy undertone that many of the green teas tend to have.

The China Pai Mu Tan offered at Camellia’s Tea House is completely organic, which ensures that it is of the highest quality. So, if you are looking to try something new and fresh or just prefer a more delicate tea in general, then this particular tea will be a great choice.


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