Christmas Tea Selection 2019

With winter on our doorsteps and Christmas around the corner, it’s time to get ready for the holidays and year-end parties. However, as winter surrounds us we ditch conscious eating and consume larger quantities of comfort food and warm calorific drinks. To combat urges of overeating and lack of motivation to exercise, we highly recommend drinking herbal and light caffeinated teas infused with festive spice in Christmas Tea Selection 2019, which may help reduce cravings, support immunity and maintain wellness during the winter months. We are passionate about tea and its health properties, and constantly explore unique and innovative ideas to provide our clients with new tea experiences. The waiting time is over and we are very happy to announce our Christmas Tea Selection 2019 that is now available at our Bloomsbury branch and online store.

Christmas tea

Far East Black Tea – slightly smoky China-Ceylon blend infused with Indian spices is truly an experience not to be missed at Christmas! It has aromatic spices grounded by woody tea notes. Best time to drink this beautiful blend is in the afternoon.

Christmas tea

Vanilla Tea is a high-grade blend of aromatic and spicy Assam and Ceylon teas which provide a lovely depth to the brew. This blend of teas is complemented with slightly spicy vanilla pieces which combine wonderfully to produce a very mellowing and enjoyable cup of tea.

Christmas tea

Cinnamon Tea– A classic, medium-bodied Chinese black tea has been enriched with crushed cinnamon pieces, a once rare and sought after spice. The rich, red-brown cup is characterised by its unmistakable spicy and warm aroma, offering an invigorating brew that is perfect in its simplicity. 

Christmas Tea

Turkish Apple Tea – Apple is a widely used fruit in Turkey whether in teas or in Shisha pipes! This tea is made of dried apple pieces which have been fortified with Vitamin C and when brewed, produces a subtle and delicate taste of apples.

Christmas tea

Rooibos Orange & Cactus Fig – A very popular rooibos blend, packed with fascinating ingredients such as papaya, liquorice and orange. The distinct creamy sweetness of rooibos is complemented by fragrant citrus tones and fruity finish, proving to be an exciting, caffeine-free alternative to many fusion teas.


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