Balance Tea for Hormone Health – A Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

Balance tea

Balance Tea, is my all-time favourite infusion to have at hand when struggling with hormone imbalance. Hormones play a big role to ensure that the body is functioning well and a slight imbalance can take its toll on your health. In my opinion, women of all ages can benefit from this wonderful wellness tea and with Mother’s Day fast approaching, this makes a perfect gift for your mum to have during times of need!

What’s in the tea? And does it contain caffeine?

Balance Tea contains some active healing botanical plants known to herbalists from all over the world and is completely caffeine free! The blend is made from avena sativa, chamomile, lime flowers, orange peel, jasmine flowers, rose, raspberry leaf, lavender and passion flower which produces a loving cup of comfort whilst helping to restore vitality and balance. Interestingly, my body craves the light, floral and earthy notes of this therapeutic infusion only during days of dis-ease and dis-harmony with marked irritability and exhaustion.

Balance tea

Key ingredients with scientific evidence and health benefits

Prolonged stress can have some adverse effects on our cognitive, emotional, and physical well- being and over-time this dis-balance manifests itself into the female hormonal system. Avena Sativa, also known oat straw has been used by ancient civilization to promote brain health especially in older people. A Scientific research, published on US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health, indicates that oat straw contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce stress.

Chamomile, supported by scientific evidence from Science Daily, is to help ease cramping, or any kind of muscle spasms including headaches whilst promoting relaxation. Chamomile is known to help with hormonal imbalances and provide support and comfort when most needed.

Raspberry Leaf is known to provide a good source of nutrients as well as potassium and magnesium. It is the most frequently mentioned herbal tonic for the uterus and its antioxidants are believed to help relax blood vessels.

Passionflower, is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a sedative, to help with anxiety and hypertension which is backed by a scientific research. Passion flower is known to calm the nerves whilst gently soothing away muscle tension.

Lime flower is known as Linden flower which symbolizes female beauty and grace. The Linden tree is known to be a perfect antidote to stress-related illness, including headaches, tension and irritability.

Hormone imbalance – How can you help yourself?

To balance hormones naturally, it is important to also eat anti-inflammatory foods because inflammation is a common, underlying cause of hormone-related conditions. An anti-inflammatory diet consists mostly of plant-based foods rich in antioxidants, cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens are particularly good and naturally have detoxifying affects to the body.

Emotional and chemical stress (chemicals from unhealthy food) are two major things that throw the body off balance; adding stress management techniques into your daily life such as meditating, exercising or participating in an enjoyable hobby can really help keep stress at bay! Plus give you the perfect opportunity to take a little take time out every day to look after yourself.

The blog is written by Lubna Madan, Co-Founder of Camellia’s Tea House, Homeopathy and Herbal specialist.


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