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Camellia’s Tea House has been born out of a love and passion for tea.

We design and hand-make most of our teas in London, including herbal infusion and wellness blends and with over 100 different teas from all over the world to choose from, we know there will be at least one tea that our customers will enjoy!

We are truly passionate about the tea experience and making it as enjoyable as possible and so we have created an environment that is relaxing and a home away from home – we hope Camellia’s Tea House is a place where people love the quirky ambience, the original artisan tea varieties, and the wide selection of carefully chosen tea ware and gifts, as well as the wide range of truly delicious cakes and tea food.

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Teas and tea culture

We love for people to learn about teas and tea culture and we encourage our customers to make informed tea choices by interacting with our teas through opening our tea caddies and breathing in their incredible aromas and asking our knowledgeable staff about the teas and their recommendations.

We also love for our customers to try daily tea tastings of new and interesting teas so please ask at the counter which teas we have on the brew when you visit us.

A wonderful cup of tea would not be the same without scrummy tea food and we have put together a menu full of freshly baked and artisan foods that will provide the perfect accompaniment for any type of tea; cakes, tarts, brownies, gateau’s and of course freshly baked scones! Our menu also provides a lovely range of lunchtime bites such as salads, sandwiches and soups etc – please click on our downloadable menu for a sneak preview

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Relocating our tea house

We also offer an informal yet delicious Afternoon or High Tea menu with all the things you would expect like finger sandwiches, cakes, scones with creamy clotted cream and jam as well as fruits and tea treats. We are really proud that Camellia’s Tea House has been voted amongst the top 10 places for tea and Afternoon Tea in the UK and London by a number of publications for a few years.

We are currently in the process of relocating our tea house and as soon as we find one, we will let everyone know. If you would like to find out as soon as we do, please click on the link and subscribe to our mailing list!

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