Wellness teas for the Spa in Winter

Wellness teas for the Spa in Winter

As the festive season sparkles to life in spas across the world, we can celebrate a year illuminated by super innovation to improve health and wellness. Nowadays, wellness is a culture and a mindset, which is all about what we eat and drink every day.  At Camellia’s Tea House, we are always working hard on creating unique and innovative ideas with bespoke and wellness teas for the Spa industry. 

During the winter months, the daily body rhythms become out-of-sync because of the reduced sunlight. The combination of shorter days and major drops in temperature has always been a cause of concern for seasonal depression (or seasonal affective disorder) and increased stress levels. Spending intentional time for relaxation and de-stressing is the best approach to ease the impacts of winter stress which may affect emotional well-being and the immune system. We believe drinking herbal and light caffeinated teas containing detoxifying agents will support the metabolism and increase internal body temperature during the cold season.

In December, we recommend the following wellness teas for the spa to improve well-being and overall health:

Toxin Killer Tea

Toxin Killer Herbal Infusion is believed to contain well-known liver tonic herbal ingredients which help with detoxification and liver support.  Starting the process of elimination through drinking this tea, along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise  you may improve circulation and overall emotional health.

Happy Tummy Tea

Happy Tummy Herbal Infusion contains key ingredients traditionally used to aid and speed up digestion and provide support through digestive disturbances such as bloating and flatulence.  A healthy digestion will promote metabolism and generate heat in the body. 

Healthy Immunity Tea

Healthy Immunity Herbal Infusion has been designed with traditional herbs combined with rooibos tea which may boost healthy immunity.  The ingredients are warming and stimulating to the body and contain anti-inflammatory properties.

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