Tea Regions

Teas are now grown all the over the world with many “New World” teas originating in countries not known for their tea production such as Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. However, the most prestigious teas still originate from the tea growing countries that most of us associate teas with such as China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.

Camellia’s Tea House sources teas from specialist tea gardens from only the most prestigious regions around the world that are known for their quality and sustainable approaches to the whole life cycle of tea growing from agricultural methods to the fair treatment of labour.


China is the birthplace of tea and was first discovered almost 3000BC. China created the initial thoughts and wisdom around the cultivation and culture of tea and to this day, produces some of the finest and rarest teas.


India’s tea growing regions of Assam and Darjeeling are synonymous with the highest quality black teas in the world. Steeped in history and tradition, Indian teas tend to be associated with strong full bodied teas found in mainstream teabags however India’s real strength lies in its range of whole leaf speciality black teas which are unsurpassed in terms of their aromatic and flavour profiles.


Japan is perhaps best known for its high quality green teas and the Japanese tea ceremony which originated from the time of Japanese monks who used green tea as an integral part of their spiritual journey.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka or Ceylon teas are well known throughout the world for offering strong black teas often found in mainstream teabags. Sri Lanka however also produces some wonderful high altitude grown teas which provide aromatic and complex flavour profiles.


Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa, is an island located off the south-east coast of China. It is renowned for its oolong teas, with the numerous varieties classified based on the region they are grown, seasonality and manufacturing process. Although certain green and black teas are also produced here, it is the special oolongs such Oriental Beauty or Iron Goddess that are most sought after by tea connoisseurs.

United Kingdom

For over two centuries now, United Kingdom has been one of the world’s largest tea consumer (per capita), the aromatic beverage holding a very special place in the nation’s tradition and culture. It is also the home of Camellia’s Tea House, where many of our fusion teas and all of our wellness infusions are designed and hand-crafted.


Brazil is a vast country on the South American continent with a diverse ecosystem and possibly the largest number of flora and fauna species found anywhere in the world. It is one of the countries where yerba mate originates from, a caffeine-rich herbal infusion, very popular in many countries across this continent.

South Africa

Found on the southern tip of Africa, South Africa is a country filled with scenic wonders and fascinating wildlife. It is also where the caffeine free rooibos tea (meaning red bush) originates from. This unique and ever popular plant is grown exclusively here.

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