ITEI Tea Sommelier Training

ITEI Tea Sommelier Training

The second round of our certified Tea Courses proved to be a great success, so we have asked one of the graduates of the Tea Sommelier course to write about their experience. You can read their account below and if you are interested in one of our course yourself, visit our ITEI page or drop us an email at info@camelliasteahouse.com

ITEI Tea Sommelier Training – October 2016

It was a great pleasure to attend the Tea Sommelier Course and become one of the first certified ITEI Tea Sommeliers in the UK. Having worked in the hotel, spa and wider F&B market for over 15 years, I have been gradually building my knowledge and understanding of the world of tea. This course gave me the ideal opportunity to explore tea to a more in depth level and build on my education and skills, specifically in relation to the hospitality and service environment.

The course went into much detail with 3 days of practical masterclasses, homework reading sections and a final practical assessment and 2-section written exam. Included within the course were modules on areas of tea history and origin, an in-depth breakdown of the 6 major tea types, details of the differing methods of manufacture, the importance of tea brewing and service guidelines, an understanding of tea grading, plus an advanced section tea tasting.

All together it is an ideal course for the tea professional aiming to further elevate and enhance their tea knowledge to a higher level and have a thorough understanding of how to translate this information and skills into a hospitality environment.

Personally, I was not only more deeply educated about tea with this course, but it also gave me an opportunity to delve further into the specialty of the different tea types and understand what makes it so diverse and individual; the sections of the course on tea pairing and tea ceremonies were real highlights in the practical masterclass days.

Written by Amanda S.

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