ITEI Tea Training


ITEI Tea Training

The tea industry and tea culture is booming in the UK and around the world, fuelled by the availability of wonderful new teas on the market and the emergence of fusion teas which are engaging a new generation of tea drinkers.

The growth in tea culture has created a huge demand for certified tea training, from people interested in simply learning more about tea to hospitality professionals wanting to gain formal certification and to improve the tea offering within their work place.

Camellia’s Tea House feels very strongly about improving tea culture in the UK and we are delighted to have found a competent and wonderful tea education body, the International Tea Education Institute (ITEI), to provide tea education from one day masterclasses up to tea master levels.

Ajit Madan, co-Founder of Camellia’s Tea House has trained with the International Tea Education Institute (ITEI) culminating in him becoming the first ITEI Master Tea Sommelier in the UK.

ITEI Certified Tea Steward Course

Camellia’s Tea House has launched the Tea Steward qualification in 2016, a course that is ideal for all those working in tea companies, hotels, restaurants, coffee houses or those who have a general interest in tea.  This course will build confidence when discussing, recommending, presenting, pairing and serving teas from around the world.

What does the Tea Steward Qualification encompass?

The ITEI Tea Steward course comprises 4 modules of 3.5 hours each partly conducted online through webinars followed by a one day class in London where the focus will be the essentials of tea tasting, tea on the menu, tea and food pairings suggestions, tea service from different cultures around the world.

The written part of this exam (multiple choice questions) will be done following the online sessions. During the onsite classes, participants are invited to practice tea tastings, tea recommendations from the menu, tea service, tea & food pairing suggestions and much more.

When and how much?

The next steward course will begin in early Autumn 2017, with the masterclass held in London. The course costs £375.00 (+VAT) and you will be provided with educational materials and basic tea accessories.

ITEI Certified Tea Somemelier Course

Camellia’s Tea House is delighted to launch the new Tea Sommelier course, an intermediate stage certification that is perfect for ambitious food and beverage professionals, tea enthusiasts and even wine & spirit sommeliers wishing to diverse into tea. No previous tea knowledge or experience is required beyond a love for tea!

Depending on your professional background and aspirations, the ITEI Tea Sommelier certification will provide you with the confidence, knowledge and qualifications required to become a tea expert within a food and beverage environment such as a restaurant, hotel or tea house.

What does the Tea Sommelier Qualification encompass?

The ITEI Tea Sommelier course consists of 9 modules, which will be covered during an intensive, 3 day masterclass in London, some additional reading and an exam at the end of the course.

Apart from an extensive practical aspect of the course, which will focus on various tea ceremonies and tea cupping (tasting), the course will also include the basics such as tea types, regions and manufacturing, and also other subjects such as tea and food parings, tea menu design, and tea orientated mixology.

When and how much?

The next Tea Sommelier course will take place in early Autumn 2017 in London. The course costs £750.00 (+VAT) and you will be provided with educational and reading materials, basic tea accessories and a tea gift set.

If you are interested in attending any of our courses, please email or call 0203 489 7676