Healthy Immunity

Healthy Immunity

Icy gusts of wind, sudden temperature drops, gloomy wet days and the ever persistent rain; that has been the norm for quite a while now. We’ve all been trying to endure these dubious perks of the season with varying degree of success, however the same can’t be said of our immune systems.

It starts innocently enough; a slight cough here and there, an annoyingly runny nose, a little shiver soon followed by a fever and more often than not one finds oneself battling a cold or even the flu. And although everyone here at the Camellia’s Tea House wishes you all the best of health, we have a delicious herbal infusion to help you through this troublesome period.

Our Healthy Immunity Tea is packed with all the good and tasty stuff to not only give your immune system a good boost but also your senses.

The base for this tea is rooibos, a great caffeine free source of antioxidants, straight from South Africa, where its many health benefits have been appreciated for generations. There is also ginger, a plant used in herbal medicine since the ancient times and one that eliminates toxins and raises body heat, making it ideal for treatment of colds and flu. The tea also contains rose hips which are considered to be one of the best natural sources of vitamin C but also rich in bioflavonoids and various other vitamins and minerals, helping the body to fight off infections. We’ve also added some hibiscus and star anise, the former being another great source of vitamin C and antioxidants and the latter known even by the ancient Greeks to calm coughs.

Our very own tea designer combined all these amazing herbal ingredients with skill and flair to create a healthy and delicious tea perfect for all those cold mornings and wet evenings that are still bound to come!


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