How to Establish a Healthy Routine During the Pandemic

Establish a Healthy Routine

How to Establish a Healthy Routine During the Pandemic

Most of us are not used to working from home and managing our own time can be challenging in amongst family life and new boundaries, or lack of them. So how do we establish a new healthy routine during the pandemic and what can help us define this?

Self-care and regular routine will mean different things to different people – however finding the balance that’s right for you is what’s important. Within this getting a good night’s sleep, daily exercise and eating regular healthy meals, plus drinking plenty of water are a core part of a good daily routine. If you are isolating with other family members then eating together or sharing a cup of tea is a good way of staying connected and having supportive conversations.

Changing up your tea choices or adding in new types of tea, such as healthy teas, is a good way to experiment whilst at home. Tea is almost as hydrating as water and offers a very healthy alternative to coffee, sugary drinks and alcohol. It is also a good time to switch to loose-leaf tea or try cold-brew tea, so that tea is more of a daily ritual or an excuse to take a break and reflect or connect with others.

To establish a new and healthy routine during the pandemic, we would recommend trying new teas to excite your palate, as well as making sure you get your regular cuppa in, so herbal teas such as Healthy Immunity, Anti-Viral and Sleep Well could be part of your new daily routine and ensure that you are supporting your physical and mental well-being. Or you could try an entirely new tea type if you have time to experiment, at the moment we are all drinking good quantities of green tea as it is high in anti-oxidants and pairs well with most healthy foods and even chocolate! Green Mint and Green Lemon teas are refreshing fusion green teas to try and they make great iced teas as well.

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