Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns

Nothing beats a delicious hot cross bun! The classic hot cross bun is full of spice and dried fruits. With the Easter Weekend fast approaching, we’ve put a twist on ours and added Camellia’s Earl Grey tea to make them even more delicious and moorish.


Makes 12 hot cross buns
500g strong white flour
75g melted butter
10g active dry yeast powder
1tsp salt
1 Eggs
300g warm whole milk
100g Sultanas
Lemon peel of half lemon
Orange peel of one orange
1 tsp All spice
1 tsp Cinnamon
10g Camellia’s Earl Grey tea
3 tbsp Golden syrup

For cross
50g plain flour
50g water


  1. In a large stand mixer bowl, add the flour, butter, egg, salt, all spice, milk and cinnamon and whisk until a dough is formed
  2. With a pestle and mortar or Food processor, grind the Earl Grey Tea.
  3. Powder a clean surface with flour and knead the dough, then add the lemon peel, orange peel, sultanas and Earl Grey tea.
  4. Knead the dried fruits and tea into the dough
  5. Place the dough into a large and cover with cling film and a tea towel for proving. Leave the dough aside for 1 hour to rise
  6. Knead the dough, then cover and prove to rise for another hour
  7. Powder a clean surface with flour and cut the dough into 8 pieces
  8. Form a round bun shape with each piece of dough and place each on a greaseproof baking tray. Cover and prove for 1 hour
  9. Mix 50g of flour and 50g of water to form a paste. Transfer the paste into a piping bag
  10. Once the buns have proved, pipe a cross on each
  11. Bake at 170c for 40 minutes

To finish:
Heat up the golden syrup in a microwave for 30 seconds. Then brush over the baked hot cross buns


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