Cosmopolitan – 8 new ways to deal with eczema

Cosmopolitan – 8 new ways to deal with eczema

“7. Drink herbal teas

Beautiful Skin Tea, £5.95 per 50g, has had rave reviews from eczema suffers, and has even been recommended to the National Eczema Association as a tried and tested treatment. Dandelion and chickweed are the key skin healing ingredients in the brew, which combine to offer anti-inflammatories, healing vitamins A and C, plus iron and calcium which are known to be effective skin healers. But it’s not just about the drinking. You can also drop five or so bags into a bath and soak in the solution, make a bottle of the tea and chill in the fridge to use as a itch relieving skin tonic, or save used tea bags to apply directly to affected areas as a compress.”

You can find the whole article here: Cosmopolitan – 8 new ways to deal with eczema

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