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“My cup of tea

In the move “beyond purely beauty or pampering”, many spas are tapping in to the ancient power of herbal medicine, which remains the key source of medicine in 80% of the developing world, notes Ajit Madan, co-founder of London’s Camellia’s Tea House and the UK’s first certified master tea sommelier.

“Tea and herbal teas are being used much more in spa environments, either in combination with treatments or as healthy beverages, rather than the usual water and juice found in less progressive spas,” he explains.

Customers such as Ockenden Manor and the Grove Sequoia Spa are serving bespoke blends alongside a selection of Camellia’s broad menu of hand-blended artisan wellness teas that tackle everything from bones and insomnia to allergies and arthritis.

A popular choice, adds Madan, is the Beautiful Skin mix of chickweed, red clover, nettle, dandelion, marigold, chamomile and rose: “Spas have been combining their treatments with our teas so the client feels that whilst, for example, a facial is helping their outer skin appearance, the Beautiful Skin tea is helping the same area but from an internal perspective.”

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