Our Best Tea for Beautiful Skin

Our Beautiful Skin herbal infusion is one of our favourites, and certainly incredibly popular with our regulars!

But why is it so good, and what benefits can it have for you if you have skin problems?

The health benefits of tea and herbal infusions have been widely documented and yet, despite some cursory knowledge of why some teas are better than others, there is not a great deal of common knowledge regarding the specifics. What should you drink for a cold, for a restful sleep, for the morning after the night before? Here at Camellia’s we pride ourselves on our homeopathic herbal infusions that cover a wide range of ailments and have been proven to work in combating them, without us ever neglecting the taste.

Our original and unique Beautiful Skin Tea flies off the shelf almost as soon as it’s put on, and the scent of it can frequently be detected wafting around our Tea Rooms, so often is it ordered by our customers who know just how good it is, and how delicious it is too.

Dandelion and chickweed act as an excellent base for a range of other herbs and flowers, creating a beautiful floral brew that can help with psoriasis, improve circulation and act as an anti-inflammatory. Used externally chickweed works excellently as a wash for acne, and combined with Aloe Vera can penetrate the skin to reach damaged, underlying areas. In our tea it works to purify the blood and carry out toxins. Dandelion has a similarly purifying effect, and because it is so rich in vitamin A, C, iron and calcium it is known to be a great detoxifier. Also, the sap of dandelion is extremely useful when treating eczema because of its anti-bacterial qualities.

It is unsurprising that these naturally occurring plants can have such beneficial effects. Think back to when you were a child and your skin brushed a stinging nettle, a pain which now seems mildly irritating, but at the time caused shrieks and cries of agony. What was the first thing you would look for, something you knew would be nearby? Dock leaves! Nothing more was needed, except maybe a cuddle, some kind words and constant assurances that you were “a very brave boy”.


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