6 reasons why drinking tea can help improve health

Did you know that tea is a quintessential beverage that quenches the collective thirst of millions of people every day? Since the first sipping in Ancient China, tea drinking has never gone out of fashion, due to tea having vast health-giving properties, which can help promote general well-being and improve a healthy balanced lifestyle. Here are 6 reasons why drinking tea is believed to increase your health and have a positive benefit.

A 16th-century Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist – Li Shizhen – stated: “Tea clears the voice, gives brightness to the eye, invigorates the body and refreshes the mind … it aids digestion, removes wind and balances the body temperature”.

1. Reduce physical and mental stress

Tea contains theanine – an amino-acid which rarely occurs in nature – that effectively helps to reduce physical and mental stress, as well as encourage a sense of well-being and relaxation. Besides, the healthy chemicals in tea will balance out the stimulating effects of the caffeine, and create a calming impact on stress levels in the body.

2. Helps prevent cancer and heart disease

Tea, particularly green tea, has high antioxidant properties including tannins and plant phenols. These elements play a vital role in scavenging for ageing oxygen-derived and free-radicals in the blood, in which support is believed to help prevent cancer and develop heart disease. Moreover, the polyphenols in tea have an antioxidant effect in the human body which could help protect us against the harmful type of cholesterol, as well as increase the good type of cholesterol. 

3. Improve the digestive system and kidneys

According to several pieces of scientific research, the caffeine content of tea acts as a mild stimulant and can help increase the activity of the digestive system and kidneys, as well as raising general alertness, improving performance and combating tiredness.

4. Protect from certain age-related and degenerative diseases

The polyphenols in tea have an antioxidant effect in the human body which is believed to help protect us against certain age-related and degenerative diseases. Comparing these antioxidant effects in tea to those of certain fruits and vegetables, scientists have come to the conclusion that drinking three to four cups of tea a day has the equivalent anti-oxidant properties of eating six apples.

5. Reduce the formation of plaque and bacteria in mouth

Some studies have found that tea also aids good dental health due to its polyphenolic components. In China and Japan, toothpaste containing a good amount of tea extract is being manufactured, which proposes to reduce the formation of plaque and bacteria in the mouth, whilst the fluoride content strengthens tooth enamel and can help towards preventing the development of cavities. Green tea contains twice as much fluoride as black tea!

6. Contains many vitamins and minerals which can support well-being

Tea carries traces of Calcium, Zinc, Potassium, Manganese, vitamins C, B, E, and numerous elements that good for physical development and mental well-being.

Camellia’s Tea House Favourite Tea help improve health

Camellia’s Tea House Welcome Tea

A delectable and refreshing combination of white tea with fragrant and succulent apricots reminiscent of summer orchards, bound with delicate jasmine undertones and warming ginger.  A light golden infusion with soft texture that will refresh and soothe your senses.

Jasmine Bai Mao Hou

Also known as ‘White Haired Monkey’ because the young tea buds appear twisted and have a silvery hue. The tea produces a classic, sweet, jasmine flavour and wonderful aroma. It was traditionally drunk by Chinese ladies for its beauty-enhancing qualities!


A touch of the South East – this is an Indian black tea that has been infused with a range of traditional spices to produce a deliciously spicy and warming brew. It is often brewed in hot milk, known as Chai Latte, to produce a healthy and much more interesting alternative to coffee.

Assam Bargang

Assam Bargang tea comes from an estate located on the north banks of the Brahmaputra river in the Sonipur district in Northern India. The leaves are broken, which helps to give it a strong and creamy infusion, which is perfect for those looking for a more powerful Assam brew.


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