Teas for the Autumn you must have in stock!

Teas for the Autumn you must have in stock!

Dry winds, the cool, unsettled weather, and decreasing daylight hours that we experience as the season transitions into autumn can be difficult for our bodies and minds.

Autumn, according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), represents the element Earth which represents the transition from summer to autumn.

Body imbalance may arise during autumn and may cause one to feel unwell and experience disharmony such as disturbances within the digestive tract, flaccid muscles and weight gain.  The good news is that we can turn to herbal teas to support our body’s resilience and to correct imbalance.

Teas that we can turn to during Autumn to keep ourselves healthy and happy are:

Zest – contains ginger and lemon grass which is soothing to the digestive system;

Soothing Rose – contains liquorice, rose and ginger which help comfort the digestive tract and stimulate body energy.

Pain free monthly – this tea has many health benefits and is ideal for Autumn because of its sweet flavour profile and warming spicy notes of ginger.

Rooibos – its sweet and warm character builds the Yin of the body and creates a soothing and relaxing effect for the body.

If you have your own favourite Autumn tea, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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