Tea Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Tea Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Tea Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Show your love to your amazing dad with Wellness Tea Gift from Camellia’s Tea House. Our selection includes premium leaf tea and healthy tea, ensuring that it will be the most thoughtful gift for your beloved daddy.

Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong is a speciality of Fujian Province in China. The leaves are put through several stages of preparation which culminates in the teas being hung in baskets over smoking pine wood fires to dry. The leaves consequently become intensely black and have a distinctly smoky aroma. The leaves have so much flavour that they can be used for two to three separate infusions.

Yunnan Tea

Due to its geographical location and climate, Yunnan is often compared to Assam teas because it produces a similarly strong flavour. Organically cultivated offers a medium strong tea with an earthy and woody character with a hint of smokiness.

Yunnan Old Tree

Yunnan Old Tree is a delicious premium and rare tea also known as “Fengqing Hong Cha” was made and cultivated from an old tea tree that grows in the high altitude mountains of Yunnan (over 1,200m) in Fengqing region. The dry tea has brown black curly strips with visible golden tips which provide a sweet, dry apricot and tobacco aroma.

Assam Bargang

Assam Bargang tea comes from an estate located on the north banks of the Brahmaputra river in the Sonipur district in Northern India. The leaves are broken, which helps to give it a strong and creamy infusion, which is perfect for those looking for a more powerful Assam brew.

China Gunpowder

China Gunpowder tea is also known as the “Temple of Heaven”. This variety of gunpowder tea is one of the more popular green teas in China, especially in the eastern provinces. Using a centuries-old method, each leaf is rolled into a small pellet, resembling black powder and giving this green tea its unique name. This refreshing tea has a strong aroma with an underlying sweetness, and can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Formosa Oolong

Formosa Oolong (or Wulong) is one of the most popular teas in Taiwan because it is very smooth, smells like orchids and has a wonderful rich and fruity flavour. Compared to other Oolongs, this tea has both darker leaves and infusion. It is also popular with those on calorie control diets.

Formosa Oolong Top Fancy

Formosa Oolong Top Fancy is a truly magnificent tea – it is very rare and a real treat for all tea lovers. The appearance of the tea shows white leaf tips crowning the oolong leaf to produce a delicate and misty looking tea. It offers an intense flowery bouquet with a slight undertone of spiciness which lingers on the palette for a long time, leaving you with a delicious after taste.

Men’s Tea

Men’s Tea is an interesting spicy herbal infusion which has a hint of ginger and pepper will not only vanquish men’s weariness but will vitalise any member of the family. Drinking a cup of Men’s Tea in the morning or afternoon can effectively relieve the body from Lethargy and Fatigue.

Aching Muscles Tea

Aching Muscles Tea is a deliciously light and refreshing herbal infusion which produces a sweet chamomile undertones with a citrus edge bound together with hints of spearmint. If you are looking for a tea for aching or strained muscles, this tea is a perfect match! Moreover, the chamomile flowers in this tea also help balance your body temperature, reduce stress and anxiety.

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