Soothing Feminine Tea

Soothing Feminine Tea

I am conscious of not really being in the target demographic for Soothing Feminine Tea – what with being a man, and usually being more interested in tea tea than herbal infusions. It happens that I am a fan of all the main ingredients here, however. Chamomile is a long-term favourite of mine; very few things are so relaxing. Oats are my favourite grain, and although it is the stems, not the ears, that are used to make tea, something of the same smoothness comes through in the mouth-feel. Raspberry leaf is, for me, the second tastiest leaf there is to brew (after the tea plant itself) – there is something about it that is exceptionally pleasing to the palate, especially in the finish. Lavender is almost as soothing as chamomile, and although too much of it can be quite overpowering, it is used with subtlety here, and harmonises beautifully with the many flavours around it.

Of course, with a tea like this, being delicious is only part of the point. Chamomile, lavender and lime-flower are all widely used to help relieve tension and cramping. Chamomile is also thought to help with bloating and hot flushes, and like lime-flower, it is used as a digestive aid. Raspberry leaf is thought to help tone the uterus and other muscles of the pelvic region, and it is rich in a range of vitamins and minerals that should help the body to deal with the strains of menstruation.

Lubna swears by its therapeutic value, and there is certainly no doubt that it lives up to the ‘soothing’ part of its name. I may not personally have any menstrual woes to ease, but I think I’ll buy a bag to take home anyway…

By Fergus Ray Murray

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