Rose – Nutritious Flower For Ageless Beauty

Rose Nutritious Flower For Ageless Beauty

Rose has long been recognised as a nutritious flower for ageless beauty, which has healing powers and medicinal properties to detoxify your organism, clean the skin and reduce stress and anxiety,… . Nowadays, there are numerous therapeutic essential oils and wellness teas made with the rose.

Drinking rose tea has become more popular because it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking Rose Bud tea is believed to cool down our internal system and gently eliminate toxins from the body. 

Many articles of research found that rose petals have various health benefits, such as their high vitamin C content. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, rosebuds rose petals and rose stems are enriched in vitamin C that is vital for the immune system and for keeping skin and bones healthy. What a great element for improving the immune system!

Moreover, the antioxidants in rose tea is believed to help protect the body from the dangers of free radicals which contribute towards cancerous related diseases.

Camellia’s Teas and Herbal Infusions with Rose Element:

  • Rose Buds: is made entirely of tiny rosebuds! The rosebuds provide a floral aroma and a delicate rose-flavoured infusion, known to have several healing properties, which are detoxifying for the body, such as cleansing the skin and eliminating heat from the body.
  • Happiness Tea: a delightfully tasty and uplifting infusion which helps to clear the senses and revitalise the spirit.
  • Soothing Rose: a playful and radiant blend of whole rose buds with elements of ginger and soft liquorice that create a wonderful herbal infusion leaving a warming and floral sweetness in your mouth. The rosebuds provide a youthful sweetness to the soft liquor of the cup which dances above the warmth of the ginger whilst allowing the spiciness of the liquorice to linger in the mouth. This bright amber infusion will awaken your senses and rejuvenate the body!
  • Soothing Feminine: Soothing Feminine Tea is a delicious infusion that should be drunk during hormonal changes. It is believed to be particularly beneficial for menstrual cycles and menopausal phases. Its general soothing properties mean that there is nothing to prevent men from drinking it!
  • White Rose and Rasberry: This delicate fusion tea is an experience not to be missed. The subtle beauty of white tea leaves has been refined by a bold blend of apples, raspberries, roses and even pink peppercorns, creating a wonderfully complex flavour and aroma.
  • Dancing Rose and Violet: Dancing Rose and Violet Tea has a delicate flavour with complex undertones and the ingredients are considered to be a great vitality booster.
  • Toxin Killer: Toxin Killer Tea has a lovely flavour and contains a number of well-known detoxifying agents which will be loved by your liver!
  • Rose Black Tea: Also known as Mei Gui Hong Cha, this Rose Tea is considered to be one of the classic scented Chinese teas. During its production, the tea leaves are layered with rose petals and left to absorb the elegant flowery aroma. The final result is a medium-bodied black tea, marked by a floral sweetness, not unlike champagne.


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