The rise of Matcha in the West

Hard to imagine how a finely ground green tea powder when whisked properly results in a jady lush green drink called matcha. Beyond the etiquette surrounding the Japanese tea Ceremony tradition that dates back to the twelve century and very important in Zen monasteries in Japan, matcha is now main stream in many parts of the world with various gastronomic applications. Matcha lovers appreciate its freshness and energizing properties.

Authentic matcha is made of shade grown tea leaves, preventing direct sunlight. This helps the tea leaves develop more chlorophyll with super nutritional and potent antioxidants properties.

Another interesting matcha property is to boost mental alertness. We all need some in our busy lifestyles. And yes, matcha is supposed to be a wonderful hangover cure.

With all this being said, matcha quality is crucial when it comes to taste.

Other than hoping to get Matcha produced from the early spring young shouts and buds, harsh grinding could also affect the softness and the amazing fresh taste one should expect when enjoying a good bowl of matcha.

Many grades of Matcha exist and their applications vary. Picking a less expensive matcha grade for culinary applications is fine, keeping the more expensive higher ceremonial grades for the purist enjoyment.

Matcha dissolves completely in hot water and therefore the tea leaf is consumed entirely and packed with nutrients. This is usually a good reason to opt for certified organic matcha to avoid the pesticides.

When preparing a traditional matcha for yourself, make sure you have a minimum of the matcha essentials such as the matcha bowl, the matcha bamboo whisk and the matcha bamboo spoon. It’s a great feeling when you succeed making that frothy fresh jady green beverage. It is tricky but like all things, practice is key.

If you’re on the go and you still want to benefit from the matcha powers, adding 2g in your smoothies is an excellent idea.

From time to time, go for a Matcha latte for a new twist making it yourself at home and controlling the sweetness with your own sweet ingredients.

Matcha ice creams, matcha chocolate, matcha scones, these are only few of the unlimited culinary delights that can get the matcha touch for optimum enjoyment and health benefits.

Matcha Cheers!

Sylvana. P. Levesque


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