Black Teas

Black Teas

Black tea originated from China and it is a fully oxidised type of tea, which results in its distinct and bold range of flavours and aromas. It is currently the most popular type of tea in the West, with varieties ranging from the classics such as Earl Grey and English Breakfast to the more special fusion blends and premium single estate teas.

Although the production process varies from region to region, the traditional method involves plucking of the leaves and withering, followed by rolling which causes the leaves to bruise and triggers the oxidation process, and finally drying with heat to end the process.

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    Afternoon Tea

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    Also known as the ‘High Noon’ tea, it has a particularly lovely aromatic, flowery taste. This tea is blended with long leaves from Darjeeling and Ceylon and is ideal with scones and cakes.

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  • Assam-Bargang-01-CropAssam-Bargang-02

    Assam Bargang

    5 out of 5

    Assam Bargang tea comes from an estate located on the north banks of the Brahmaputra river in the Sonipur district in Northern India. The leaves are broken, which helps to give it a strong and creamy infusion, which is perfect for those looking for a more powerful Assam brew.

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  • Assam-Mokalbari-01-CropAssam-Mokalbari-02

    Assam Mokalbari

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    This second flush tea reflects the nicer things in life as it contains wonderful long leaves with many golden tips which impart a certain quality and smoothness to its brew. This tea is grown at a high altitude in the Dibrugarh district in Assam, Northern India and produces a robust and malty flavour.

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  • Ceylon-Decaf-01-CropCeylon-Decaf-02

    Ceylon Decaffeinated

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    A full bodied Ceylon black tea with spicy undertones, which has retained its character by a flavour protecting CO2 decaffeinating method. This tea is ideal for those who want to omit caffeine in their diet or to enjoy a delicious cup of tea at night without disrupting sleep.

  • Ceylon-Kenilworth-01-CropCeylon-Kenilworth-02

    Ceylon Kenilworth

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    This Sri Lankan tea estate was created in 1947 by an English pioneer who named it after the famous Kenilworth castle in Warwickshire, England. This particular estate produces one of the highest quality teas in Sri Lanka with beautiful black leaves. The full-bodied infusion is a dark-red with an earthy, spicy flavour.

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    Chai Tea

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    A touch of the South East – this is an Indian black tea that has been infused with a range of traditional spices to produce a deliciously spicy and warming brew.

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  • Chocolate-Tea-01-CropChocolate-Tea-02

    Chocolate Tea

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    The unmistakable flavour of chocolate without all the calories! A medium bodied blend of Chinese and Ceylon black teas that has been combined with chocolate chips and coconut to produce a wonderfully light black tea with a strong aroma and undertones of chocolate.

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  • Cholesterol-Cleanser-01-CropCholesterol-Cleanser-02

    Cholesterol Cleanser

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    This is a delicious fusion of Pu Erh tea, ginger and lavender and when combined it creates an earthy, spicy blend with touches of floral notes.

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  • Cinnamon-Tea-01-CropCinnamon-Tea-02

    Cinnamon Tea

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    A classic, medium bodied Chinese black tea has been enriched with crushed cinnamon pieces, a once rare and sought after spice.

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  • Dan-Cong-01-CropDan-Cong-02

    Dan Cong Golden Stem

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    This stunning premium tea is made on Fenghuang (or “Phoenix”) mountain, Guangdong, Chaozhou region.

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    Darjeeling First Flush Blend

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    First flush Darjeelings are sometimes referred to as the “champagne” of Indian teas because they are usually flowery, light and extremely aromatic.

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  • Darjeeling GoomteeDarjeeling-Goomtee-Black-Tea-02

    Darjeeling Goomtee 2nd Flush

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    Goomtee is ranked among the top gardens in Darjeeling, India and produces luscious green leaves with hues ranging from oaky-brown to light green.

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