How to make homemade hand sanitiser with Green Tea

homemade hand sanitiser

How to make homemade hand sanitiser with Green Tea

To prevent the spread of infectious diseases like Coronavirus (COVID-19), washing your hands properly and frequently is one of the most effective practices recommended by WHO and NHS. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreaks, there is a global shortage of hand sanitiser products throughout the world. We are thrilled to share a recipe of homemade hand sanitiser with Japan Sencha Green Tea, created by Lubna Madan.

“Like many families with young children, I try to keep my home free of commercial toxins and opt for green eco-friendly cleaning products instead. I am not a fan of commercial hand sanitizers and find them too harsh on my skin. I am also concerned of the toxic effects it may have on my toddler. Tea, whether it be traditional loose leaf tea or wellness tea, is part of my everyday routine either as a beverage, baking with it, applying as a skin product or even watering plants with it. Green tea has been well-documented for its antibacterial properties so I started researching whether it could be used as a hand sanitiser for the current COVID-19 climate.” said Lubna.

A study conducted by Dr. Stephen Hsu, a professor in the Department of Oral Biology at The Dental College of Georgia, showed that ProtecTeaV EGCG hand sanitiser formula, containing the green tea extract EGCG, possesses an effective anti-viral capability which could also be studied for potential use in novel disinfectant and antiseptic approaches to better protect the public from pathogenic viruses.

Here is Lubna’s hand sanitiser recipe:


homemade hand sanitiser
Japan Sencha Green Tea
Japan Sencha Organic Tea


In a glass jar with cap mix alcohol and tea and store overnight. Strain and pour the tea infused alcohol in a spray bottle with aloe vera gel and tea tree oil. Mix well.
Please note that the best method of keeping your hands free of germs is by washing them properly with soap and water. Hand sanitizers are more ideal when you are out and about and have to clean your hands after touching surfaces.

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