Darjeeling First Flush

Darjeeling First Flush

The Darjeeling District found in India is well known for its tea and perhaps the most special one of them all is the Darjeeling First Flush.

This seasonal tea is the first harvest, or ‘flush’, of the year after the winter has come and gone and the first leaves of spring are ready to be plucked. Typically, the First Flush is in season from March to May, but each year’s harvest is different, as much depends on weather patterns and the climate itself.

The new shoots that make up this tea are rather tender and of a very light green colour. As this tea is considered to be of a very high quality, it requires careful infusion of no longer than two or three minutes in boiling water that has been allowed to cool a little. It is best served without milk, though some enjoy the Indian style of serving and add a lump of sugar.

Although the brew produced by the First Flush is light and bright in colour, this can prove to be very deceptive as its refreshing flavour can be quite intense due to the abundance of essential oils. This tea is marked by a distinctive floral character with a beautiful aroma and a complex flavour.

Still, one ought to keep in mind that each spring flush yields a certain degree of variety in both the flavour and the aroma, which in turn produces a tea that is slightly different each year. Very much like wine.

As the high global demand for this unique tea often outstrips the limited supply, Darjeeling First Flush can be a very expensive tea and not readily available all year round. However, here at Camellia’s we do believe that this stimulating tea is truly worth it.


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