Shou Pu Erh

Shou Pu Erh

Tea Break! What are you sipping today?

This week we have chosen Shou Pu Erh to focus on. It is an unusual flavour and usually divides opinion, but we love it!

It infuses to a dark red colour and has a woody, tobacco aroma.
Shou Pu Erh is an interesting, rather unique tea, as the leaves are ‘cooked’ using heat and moisture rather than being left to dry. This results in a cake, instead of loose leaves, like you can see above. The ‘cooking’ encourages a faster, deeper fermentation. When you spilt the cake, you can see the pressed tea leaves inside. 

Brewing guide: we would recommend crumbling one chunk of the cake into approx 1 teaspoon. You can then brew this at 96°C for 3-4 minutes. It is traditionally served using Gong Fu Cha.
Breathe in the aromas and be reminded of early evening woodland walks

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