Certain teas and herbs are commonly used around the world to promote digestion and manage cholesterol ingestion from fatty foods. We have used some of these to create a range of teas that may help improve digestion when combined with a healthy lifestyle.
Camellia's Tea House Welcome Tea
A light golden infusion with soft texture that will refresh…
From £6.95
Cholesterol Cleanser Tea
This is a delicious fusion of Pu Erh tea, ginger…
From £6.95
Happy Tummy Tea
This infusion is believed to be a great tummy tamer…
From £6.95
Peppermint is well known for being a fantastic digestive and…
From £4.95
Skinny B*tch Tea
This delicious infusion is believed to speed up the metabolism…
From £5.95
Summer Garden
A delicious herbal infusion, characterised by soothing floral notes of…
From £5.95
Toxin Killer Tea
Toxin Killer Tea has a lovely flavour and contains a…
From £5.95
Zest Tea Subscription
This is a delicate and refreshing herbal tea which is…
From £5.24