Hair and Nails

  • Bone-Building-01-CropBone-Building-02

    Bone Building Tea

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    A lovely blend to put some bone back on the bone! It has a reputation for providing minerals to the whole body and contains absorbable calcium, magnesium and iron. Ingredients include oat straw and alfafa

  • China-White-Hair-01-CropChina-White-Hair-02

    China White Hair

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    This wonderful green tea is grown in high mountain tea estates where the gardens are covered by thick fog most of the year.

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  • Gout-Tea-01-CropGout-Tea-02

    Gout Tea

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    A great blend of tea because its ingredients are believed to have an alkalizing effect and can flush away excess uric acid deposits out of the body.

  • Japan-Gyokuro-Asahi-01-CropJapan-Gyokuro-Asahi-02

    Japan Gyokuro Asahi

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    This rare and exquisite tea which is also known as the “Most Exquisite Dewdrop”, was once only drunk by Emperors !

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    Luscious Locks

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    This delightful herbal infusion offers sweet floral notes with a hint of spice and a refreshing citrus finish.