Christmas Tea with Friends – The Tea Guide

Christmas Tea with Friends – The Tea Guide

Even though we may not have our new London Tea Rooms to share with you this Christmas, we will be delighted to bring Christmas to your home to enjoy with your friends and family. As you may well be aware there are tons of Christmas teas out there and you may be struggling with which one you should choose from. So, with the Christmas season around the corner, we have put together a brief listing of a variety of seasonal teas to help cut out some of the guesswork!

We also hope to inspire you to plan your own Christmas Tea Party at home and will be happy to help you plan a perfect tea party (please keep an eye out for our next blog).

So here goes…our Christmas Tea Guide!

Christmas Tea – This is our favourite festive tea which is a blend of China and Sri Lanka black tea.  It offers a smooth and full-flavoured with exotic notes of vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and a hint of orange.  Reminiscent of all things Christmas and mince pies!!

Cinnamon Tea – A perfect seasonal warmer, a blend of China black tea with opulent and dominant Cinnamon, a spicy and delicate caramel sweetness with a long cinnamon finish.

Sweet Orange – This is an exotic combination of brisk Ceylon and Chinese teas, playfully accented with zesty oranges to create a fragrant and full-bodied infusion.

Vanilla Tea – A deep blend of brisk black tea with Madagascar vanilla makes this a robust and exquisite classic combination.

Orange Tea – This is a delicious and refreshing fruit tea which contains a variety of wonderful ingredients such as rose hips, apple pieces, lemon peel and orange peel.  Its bright and brisk with an explosion of awakening flavours.  A tart finish on the palate with a mouthful of oranges.

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