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    Anji Bai Cha

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    This premium, delicate early spring green tea has a unique shape like a pine needle with a very pale green color reminiscent of soft green jade.

  • Ceremonial Matcha

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    The Matcha Premium is a Ceremonial Matcha, a classic for the traditional Japanese Tea ceremony.

  • China White Hair

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    This wonderful green tea is grown in high mountain tea estates where the gardens are covered by thick fog most of the year.

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  • Flowering Jasmine Balls

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    These amazing flowering teas are handmade rosettes of delicate green tea leaves and decorative flowers, which have been carefully infused with jasmine blossoms to give them their exquisite jasmine flavour and aroma.

  • Green Earl Grey

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    An alluring blend of Japanese green tea and the essentially British flavour of Earl Grey tea. The two combine and complement one another fantastically, providing a classic green tea flavour with the sweetness and citrusy aroma of bergamot oil

  • Sencha Organic (semi shaded)

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    Sencha stands for ‘infused tea’ and it is the most popular Japanese tea worldwide.