Cultivated organically Keemum is one of the most popular teas grown in the Anhui province in Central China.

Strength: Medium
Time Of Day: Afternoon
Ailment: Feeling Run Down
Country: China
Region: Anhui Province
Weight: 125 g
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Cultivated organically Keemun is one of the most popular teas grown in the Anhui province in Central China. This tea produces a lovely bright red infusion and has a soft and mild taste with a delicate aroma.

Taste: Medium  bodied with a crisp and winey flavour

Aroma: A soft biscuit aroma with whispers of smokiness

Infusion: A clean and clear infusion with a coppery-amber hue

Originates from Anhui Province

Loose leaf tea:

We would recommend putting one teaspoon of tea per cup into an infuser or filter and then add freshly boiled water. For a pot of tea, always add one teaspoon of tea for the pot and one teaspoon for each person. The length of brewing time can vary according to an individual’s taste but we would recommend the following:

Brewing Temperature: 100°C

Brewing Time: 3 minutes

These are our various handmade packaging options:

11 Artisan Loose Leaf Bag:

A lovely, ornamented bag, hand-finished with a little bow and full of our delicious loose leaf tea.


A beautiful, traditional tea caddy with a built-in air expeller to ensure freshness of the loose leaf teas. It is not only a delightful storage tin, but also works as a great gift idea.

1 Tea Box:

A delightful and colourful box of tea that can also be a lovey present. The loose leaf tea comes in a heat-sealed clear bag to maintain freshness.

2 Tea Pouch Box:

This pretty box has 15 artisan tea pouches, which combine the convenience of tea bags with the full flavour of our gorgeous loose leaf teas. The pouches are made from bio-degradable materials and come in a heat-sealed clear bag to maintain freshness.

Artisan Glass Jar:

A beautiful little jar that combines the high quality of our loose leaf tea with a gorgeous packaging and an artisan finish, making it a perfect addition to your tea collection or a unique gift for all tea lovers.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Great tasting black tea, not too strong, just right.

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