Wellness / Health Infusions

Wellness and Health Infusions

Here at Camellia’s Tea House we are truly passionate about teas, but we are just as enthusiastic about all the different herbs, flowers, spices and their healing properties.

Our herbal infusions have been designed using homeopathic and herbal medicine principles, many of them targeting specific ailments.

All of our wellness blends are lovingly handmade in London, using only the best quality ingredients from pesticide-free specialist gardens to maximise both the flavour and the therapeutic potential of our herbal infusions.

  • Lavender-01-CropLavender-02


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    Our lavendar is very premium French variety

  • Lovers-Tea-01-CropLovers-Tea-02

    Lover’s Tea

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    Lover's Tea is believed to enhance one's romantic mood and so is perfect for candlelight and romantic dinners!

    From £5.95
  • Mens-Tea-01-CropMens-Tea-02

    Men’s Tea

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    This interesting spicy herbal tea which has a hint of ginger and pepper will not only vanquish men’s weariness but will vitalise every member of the family.

  • Raspberry-Leaf-01-CropRaspberry-Leaf-02

    Raspberry Leaf

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    Raspberry Leaf has been traditionally known to be a great pregnancy tonic (should be avoided during the first three months of pregnancy) and to be beneficial to all female reproductive organs.

  • Soothing-Fem-01-CropSoothing-Fem-02

    Soothing Feminine Tea

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    Soothing Feminine Tea is a delicious infusion that should be drunk during hormonal changes.

    From £5.95
  • Customer Favourite

    Soothing Rose

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    A playful and radiant blend of whole rose buds with elements of ginger and soft liquorice that create a wonderful herbal infusion leaving a warming and floral sweetness in your mouth.

    From £6.95
  • Pain-Free-Monthly-01-CropPain-Free-Monthly-02

    Summer garden

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    A delicious and soothing infusion which is believed to relieve tummy cramps during menses. It is also known to be soothing for other tummy troubles.

    From £5.95