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  • Vanilla-Tea-01-CropVanilla-Tea-02

    Vanilla Tea

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    Vanilla Tea is a high-grade blend of aromatic and spicy Assam and Ceylon teas which provide a lovely depth to the brew.

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  • Very-Berry-01-CropVery-Berry-02

    Very Berry Tea Pouches

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    An exciting, pure fruit tea consisting of a wide selection of berries and a few other dried fruit, such as papaya.

  • White-Apricot-01-CropWhite-Apricot-02

    White Apricot Tea

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    A Gold Taste Award winning fusion tea that combines the refined character of a white tea with the honey like sweetness of apricot pieces.

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  • White-Essence-01-CropWhite-Essence-02

    White Essence Tea

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    A truly exotic and delightful blend packed with goodness. White tea leaves are infused with a wonderful combination of floral and citrus notes produced by rose, orange peel and rose hips – a delicious tea!

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  • White-Harmony-01-CropWhite-Harmony-02

    White Harmony Tea

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    This is a soothing and delicious tea, ideal for relaxed moments. White tea is infused with chamomile, rose and lavender to create a lightly floral aroma which sits on top of the distinctive mellow flavour of chamomile.

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  • White-Orange-01-CropWhite-Orange-02

    White Orange

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    White Orange is a very refreshing tea which combines white tea with sweet orange peel and mullien flowers. The combination of sweet orange and the gentle flavour of the white tea creates a delightful tea.

  • White-Rose-&-Raspberry-01-CropWhite-Rose-Raspberry-02

    White Rose & Raspberry Tea

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    This delicate fusion tea is an experience not to be missed. The subtle beauty of white tea leaves has been refined by a bold blend of apples, raspberries, roses and even pink pepper corns, creating a wonderfully complex flavour and aroma.

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  • Snow-Buds-01-CropSnow-Buds-02

    White Snowbuds

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    Snow Buds is a premium white tea, grown in southeast China at a notable altitude of 1,000 metres, just as it has been for over a hundred years now.

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  • Yunnan-01-CropYunnan-02


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    Due to its geographical location and climate, Yunnan is often compared to Assam teas because it produces a similarly strong flavour.

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    Yunnan Old Tree

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    This stunning premium tea tea is made on Fenghuang (or ” Phoenix”) mountain, Guangdong, Chaozhou region.