Handmade & Innovative Teas

  • Chamomile-Flowers-01-CropChamomile-Flower-02

    Chamomile Flowers Tea Pouches

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    Chamomile is an all-time favourite when it comes to calming the nerves, soothing irritability and relieving pain in the digestive system.

  • Cherry-Blossom-01-CropCherry-Blossom 02

    Cherry Blossom

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    This is a delicious Japanese green tea which is blended with peony flower petals, rose petals and cherries to produce a beautifully balanced tea with a distinctive cherry undertone.

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  • China-Gunpowder-01-CropChina-Gunpowder-02

    China Gunpowder

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    Also known as the “Temple of Heaven”, this variety of gunpowder tea is one of the more popular green teas in China, especially in the eastern provinces.

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  • China-Oolong-01-CropChina-Oolong-02

    China Milky Oolong

    5 out of 5

    This award winning oolong tea has a delicious and distinctive flavour with vanilla undertones. This extraordinary tea is characterised by a milky and smooth infusion and is a true delight to all the senses.

    From £10.95
  • China-Pai-Mu-Tan-01-CropChina-Pai-Mu-Tan-02

    China Pai Mu Tan

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    Also known as White Peony, this Chinese white tea from the Fujian province is well-known for its delicate and refreshing flavour.

    From £5.95
  • China-White-Hair-01-CropChina-White-Hair-02

    China White Hair

    0 out of 5

    This wonderful green tea is grown in high mountain tea estates where the gardens are covered by thick fog most of the year.

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  • Chocolate-Tea-01-CropChocolate-Tea-02

    Chocolate Tea

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    The unmistakable flavour of chocolate without all the calories! A medium bodied blend of Chinese and Ceylon black teas that has been combined with chocolate chips and coconut to produce a wonderfully light black tea with a strong aroma and undertones of chocolate.

    From £6.95
  • Cholesterol-Cleanser-01-CropCholesterol-Cleanser-02

    Cholesterol Cleanser

    0 out of 5

    This is a delicious fusion of Pu Erh tea, ginger and lavender and when combined it creates an earthy, spicy blend with touches of floral notes.

    From £6.95
  • Cinnamon-Tea-01-CropCinnamon-Tea-02

    Cinnamon Tea

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    A classic, medium bodied Chinese black tea has been enriched with crushed cinnamon pieces, a once rare and sought after spice.

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  • Dan-Cong-01-CropDan-Cong-02

    Dan Cong Golden Stem

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    This stunning premium tea is made on Fenghuang (or “Phoenix”) mountain, Guangdong, Chaozhou region.

  • Darjeeling-1st-Flush-Leaf-Blend-01 Crop 31Darjeeling-1st-Flush-Goomtee-02

    Darjeeling First Flush Blend

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    First flush Darjeelings are sometimes referred to as the “champagne” of Indian teas because they are usually flowery, light and extremely aromatic.

  • Darjeeling GoomteeDarjeeling-Goomtee-Black-Tea-02

    Darjeeling Goomtee 2nd Flush

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    Goomtee is ranked among the top gardens in Darjeeling, India and produces luscious green leaves with hues ranging from oaky-brown to light green.

    From £8.95