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    Beautiful Skin Tea Pouches

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    A light herbal infusion marked but its distinct chamomile and elderflower undertones. It contains a wide range of herbs such as chickweed, red clover, nettle and dandelion and is believed to help promote healthy and clear skin throughout the body.

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    China Pai Mu Tan

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    Also known as White Peony, this Chinese white tea from the Fujian province is well-known for its delicate and refreshing flavour.

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    Soothing Rose

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    A playful and radiant blend of whole rose buds with elements of ginger and soft liquorice that create a wonderful herbal infusion leaving a warming and floral sweetness in your mouth.

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    Toxin Killer Tea Pouches

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    Toxin Killer Tea has a lovely flavour and contains a number of well-known detoxifying agents which will be loved by your liver!