Extravagant Earl Grey

Extravagant Earl Grey

Earl Grey is perhaps one of the most widely drunk teas in the world and one that can easily be considered truly English. Brewed with care, it proves to be a rewarding cup of tea; its easily recognizable aroma warming and comforting.  Yet combine it with a careful selection of fragrant flowers and you will find yourself immersing in a whole new experience.

Extravagant Earl Grey is one of our new bespoke handmade blends and already an extremely popular choice at our Tea Rooms. The smooth, strong character of Chinese black tea and the distinct citrus flavour of oil of bergamot merge effortlessly with the complex flowery undertones. And by ‘flowery’ we mean the slightly earthy, complementary aroma of lavender, the elegant sweetness of red rose petals and the delicate clove-like hints of cornflowers. The result is quite astonishing – an Earl Grey with a healthy dose of extravagance.

This tea is not only a treat for the pallet, but also a feast for the eyes. The Extravagant Earl Grey’s visual beauty is especially emphasized by the rich blues of the cornflowers, a flower that was appreciated for its decorative value even back in the Victorian times.

So wherever you long for a little pleasant twist on the old time classic or are searching for an intriguing gift for a tea lover, please have look at our online shop.


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