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Hospitality & Catering News – Ajit Madan appointed the UK’s first ITEI Master Tea Sommelier

"Ajit Madan, co-founder of Camellia’s Tea House, the healthy English tea company which supplies teas to leading hotels and spas of the world, has been appointed the UK’s first ITEI Certified Master Tea Sommelier by the International Tea Education Institute. This exciting news affirms Ajit as a leading expert within the world of tea. Ajit Madan met with the stringent standards of the International Tea Education Institute to achieve this recognition following a 2 year course. This involved Ajit demonstrating [...]

Healthy Immunity

Icy gusts of wind, sudden temperature drops, gloomy wet days and the ever persistent rain; that has been the norm for quite a while now. We've all been trying to endure these dubious perks of the season with varying degree of success, however the same can't be said of our immune systems. It starts innocently enough; a slight cough here and there, an annoyingly runny nose, a little shiver soon followed by a fever and more often than not one [...]

China Pai Mu Tan

China Pai Mu Tan is a Chinese white tea with a very refreshing aroma and a gorgeous light golden colour. The name, sometimes spelt as 'Bai Mudan', derives from its resemblance to the White Peony's petals. The white green leaves are exceptionally big and one can find many silver tips among them. This tea is carefully processed in a natural way, only through drying and withering in the sun. As it is a white tea, China Pai Mu Tan contains [...]

White Harmony Tea

White tea characteristically has a subtle, layered flavour. For this reason, I was a little defensive when I first heard about its use in flavoured blends - surely the tea's own delicious taste would quickly be swamped by anything mixed in with it? It turns out that I underestimated its underlying robustness, and the possibility of the tea's subtler notes making themselves felt over a background of other flavours. At core, white tea - China Pai Mu Tan in particular [...]

Soothing Feminine Tea

I am conscious of not really being in the target demographic for Soothing Feminine Tea - what with being a man, and usually being more interested in tea tea than herbal infusions. It happens that I am a fan of all the main ingredients here, however. Chamomile is a long-term favourite of mine; very few things are so relaxing. Oats are my favourite grain, and although it is the stems, not the ears, that are used to make tea, something of [...]

Ceylon Green

Sri Lanka competes with the Far East at its own game. Traditionally, tea from the Indian Subcontinent has almost always been black, while the teas of East Asia are overwhelmingly not - with a few delicious exceptions like Keemun and Yunnan. In recent decades, however, tea-makers of India and Sri Lanka have been experimenting more and more with green, white and oolong teas, with an impressive degree of success. I have had some very respectable green and white teas from [...]

Green Tea helps Hepatitis C sufferers

At Camellia's Tea House, one of our passion's is to talk about the truly wonderful health benefits of drinking tea and herbal infusions and this month we wanted to share with you the latest research on Green Tea and its ability to inhibit the Hep C virus. Individuals receiving a liver transplant who are vulnerable to infection by Hepatitis C virus may find green tea inhibits HVC re-infection. End stage liver disease caused by the Hepatitis C virus is the most [...]

Aching Muscles Tea

Looking for the perfect drink to counteract the hustle and bustle of the London rat race? Our Aching Muscles Tea is just for you! Deliciously refreshing and just as effective, it will soothe your aches and pains at the end of a hard day. Camellia's Aching Muscles Tea is the perfect tonic for many pains and works wonders for all kinds of muscle strains. A deliciously light and refreshing infusion, it is the combination of chamomile and lemongrass in the [...]

UK study shows that tea is as hydrating as drinking plain water!

Camellia's Tea House is passionate about health and tea and we are on a mission to break some of the myths surrounding the health benefits or not of tea. This is a huge topic but one of the most important areas is hydration which is vital for good mental and physical health. People generally believe that tea can be as dehydrating as coffee - it clearly isn't and we now have some new evidence to better prove this. "Drinking tea [...]