Author - Camellia's Tea House

December 2019

Christmas Afternoon Tea by Stafford Hotel & Camellia’s Tea House

For the festive month of December, we are shining the hospitality spotlight on our tea partnership with the wonderful Stafford Hotel in St James’ London. We have collaborated with this fabulous premium 5-star luxury hotel for several years and we are delighted this month to be featuring some very special teas as part of their festive tea services.

Wellness teas for the Spa in Winter

As the festive season sparkles to life in spas across the world, we can celebrate a year illuminated by super innovation to improve health and wellness. Nowadays, wellness is a culture and a mindset, which is all about what we eat and drink every day.  At Camellia's Tea House, we are always working hard on creating unique and innovative ideas with bespoke and wellness teas for the Spa industry. During the winter months, the daily body rhythms become out-of-sync because of the reduced sunlight. The combination of shorter days and [...]

November 2019

6 reasons why drinking tea can help improve health

Did you know that tea is a quintessential beverage that quenches the collective thirst of millions of people every day? Since the first sipping in Ancient China, tea drinking has never gone out of fashion, due to tea having vast health-giving properties, which can help promote general well-being and improve a healthy balanced lifestyle. Here are 6 reasons why drinking tea is believed to increase your health and have a positive benefit.

October 2019

Wellness Tea To Warm You Up On A Cold Day

In this October, our tea recommendations are wellness teas designed by Camellia's Tea House using homoeopathic and herbal medicine principles. Not only help keep your body hydrated and make you feel better, the benefit of drinking wellness tea to warm you up on a cold day.

September 2019

September Wellness Tea Workshop & Tasting

We get excited about getting others passionate about tea! Come and join a wellness tea workshop & tasting event with Ajit Madan - ITEI Master Tea Sommelier and Founder of Camellia’s Tea House. The event lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Get tickets here: Our Tea Workshop includes: 1. Brief introduction about the brand, essential tea knowledge, brewing methods, application of tea in the F&B industry, health benefits of wellness tea, and cocktails menu (15 mins). 2. Tea tour to experience more than 100 types of [...]

September Newsletter | Wellness Tea Workshop & Tasting is coming back!

Dear Tea Lovers I hope you all had a fabulous summer and were able to enjoy the sunshine and lots iced teas! With Autumn around the corner, we are delighted to announce our Wellness Tea Workshop & Tasting experience. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the incredible health attributes of teas and herbs and we hope to see you at the event! Our certified Tea School is close to announcing its dates for the next Tea Sommelier Tea Program this [...]