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September 2020

Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble infused with Jasmine Apple Tea

With summer coming to an end, Jasmine tea is the perfect tea to kick start Autumn offering delicious floral notes. Jasmine tea has distinct fragrant aromas that can be enjoyed as a drink or in food. Our delicious Apple crumble recipe contains Jasmine Green Tea and Apple Fruit Tea which ticks all the boxes for any sweet tooth and tea lover.

Tea break with Alex Hurt – our guest lifestyle blogger and wellness friend

Earlier this week, we took 5 minutes out of our busy schedule to catch up with our friend and guest blogger Alex Hurt, writer of our recent lifestyle series and wellness guru! We were keen to find out how we could all learn to combat the challenges of working in a pandemic environment, post lock-down and how to deal with the anxiety/stress behind it. So we asked her few questions and challenges that we may all be dealing with.

organic teas

Celebrate National Organic Month with Wellness Teas

In the month of September and beyond, we look to encourage our beloved tea friends to eat, drink, use and choose organic products within their daily lifestyle. Organic has long been recognised as working with nature, as opposed to against it, with products designed and made using the most environmentally friendly farming and production methods as possible.

August 2020

Stomach Health Issues

Do You Suffer With Stomach Health Issues?

According to Chinese Herbal Medicine, August is the pivot point between summer and Autumn and represents the element of earth which is responsible for spleen and stomach health issues. This blog will feature Happy Tummy Tea and explore the benefits of its ingredients and its usage in traditional medical practices.

July 2020

Sugar Alternative

Healthy Sugar Alternatives for Tea

Most people add milk and sugar as an additive to black tea, but there is a growing movement towards healthier sugar options as diabetes and other sugar related diseases are on the rise. Sugar alternatives come with their own flavour profile and there is a distinct impact that it has on the overall flavour of tea.