September Wellness Tea Workshop & Tasting

September Wellness Tea Workshop & Tasting

We get excited about getting others passionate about tea!

Come and join a wellness tea workshop & tasting event with Ajit Madan – ITEI Master Tea Sommelier and Founder of Camellia’s Tea House.

The event lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Get tickets here:

Our Tea Workshop includes:
1. Brief introduction about the brand, essential tea knowledge, brewing methods, application of tea in the F&B industry, health benefits of wellness tea, and cocktails menu (15 mins).
2. Tea tour to experience more than 100 types of tea in Camellia’s Tea House (15 mins).
3. Attendees create their own wellness drinks & cocktails based on prepared ingredients and under instruction (30 mins).
4. Tea tasting: Attendees can take pictures and taste all creative drinks to share their thoughts/feedbacks (30 minutes).

Wellness Tea Workshop & Tasting Event London 2019

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