Tea of the month – June

Happy Midsummer!  Here at the tea house, we have chosen two teas that remind us most of summer to help us welcome it in.

Nothing can be more idyllic than a bloom-filled English summer garden. Drooping foxgloves, overblown roses, drifts of wild flowers, the English meadow is filled with romance and nostalgia. A flash of colour caught between the greens of spring and the yellows of harvest, the smells and sounds of a countryside walk can leave you feeling contented and fulfilled. With flowers and foliage at their most bountiful, they are perfect for harvesting and preserving, meaning we can use them in our tea blends, allowing you to make the most of their benefits later on.

Aptly named, our Summer Garden wellness infusion is a delicious blend of chamomile and lavender flowers. It is, quite literally, a summer garden in a tin! Known for their relaxing properties, and thought to reduce anxiety emotional stress, these two herbs brew to a clean yellow, with sweet undertones. We have also added a little ginger to lift the oils of the lavender and the cleanse the palette.

To balance this flowered, herbal infusion, we have chosen a blend more reminiscent of Southern Europe. Our Peach Green tea, with a Sencha base, truly captures the flavour of summer with its sweet and aromatic taste. With their soft, furry skins and delicious, juicy flesh, peaches are a summer dessert favourite. Lightly brewed, this tea is perfect for any time of the day. We like to add a little fresh lemon juice to ours and pour it over ice to make a refreshing peach tea lemonade!

Both of these blends are available in our tea house and online. We have a wide range of products, including our artisan loose leaf tea bags, tea boxes, and tea caddy’s. Our Summer Garden is now also available in a limited edition dark green caddy!


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