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Camellias tea house blog

How To Make Tea The Camellia Way

There are many ways to make a good cup of tea. Wherever tea is brewed, there are rituals and conventions about how to do it right. Here is how we do it...


First, add the right amount of good loose-leafed tea, usually one teaspoonful per cup. We use a standard scoop.

Black tea and pu-erh should always be brewed with water at boiling point, while almost everything else (including first-flush Darjeeling) is better brewed with water closer to 80°C. Green tea is ruined by boiling water. In the shop we have a tap that produces water at 80°C - you can also allow water to cool for 5 minutes after it boils, or turn it off when it is only producing small bubbles.

Thermometer etc

Most true teas should be infused for about three minutes, while herbal infusions are best brewed for five. We use timers to make sure it comes out just right.Once the tea has infused for the perfect time, pour it immediately or remove the infuser to keep it from stewing. You are now ready for the most important step of all: sit down, relax, and savour the tea with all of your senses.


(Writing & photographs by Fergus Ray Murray)