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Camellias tea house blog

Teas healing properties

Camellia's Tea House can now be found in beautiful spas around the world and we were recently covered by an article in the Beauty Network ( as to why tea can and should be used as a wellness product within the spa industry..

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Healing Tea


Ajit Madan is the founder of Camellia's Tea House In London and explains why tea is a great addition to your spa menu due to its healing and well being properties.

"Many people naturally regard tea as containing numerous healthy properties. We often hear stories of research being undertaken in countries such as Japan or China where strong correlations between tea drinking and better health, such as lower than average incidences of cancer, heart disease or stroke, have been discovered."

"It is well known that fruit and vegetables are good sources of antioxidants however it is less well known that green and black tea contain tea flavonoids which have strong anti oxidant properties i.e. inhibiting damage to cells through oxidation by free radicals, which are well known to protect against conditions such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. Whilst tea is not a replacement for fruit and vegetables, studies have shown that drinking two to four cups of tea a day has approximately the same antioxidant "potency" as eating six apples!"

"The most common vitamins and minerals found in tea are Vitamin C, B, E, calcium, zinc, potassium and manganese. Tea is also a great source of fluoride and has been proven to strengthen teeth and reduce plaque." "Herbal medicine is a widely practised and regarded form of alternative medicine. Unlike most other tea companies, we prefer to blend our teas by hand to ensure that the herbs and tea leaves are as a high a quality as possible i.e. unbroken whole leaves have greater flavour and therapeutic potency compared to herbal drinks or teas which are crushed in machines to fit in to tea bags."

"With health, handmade attention and beauty at its core, the teas at Camellia's Tea House teas are perfect for spa environments either as part of an overall spa therapy treatment e.g. their beautiful skin tea can work very well after a facial, or in relaxation areas or receptions. With competition so fierce among spas, we believe that introducing natural, interesting and beautiful products to your spa helps to differentiate the premium spas from the average ones."

"There is a clear demand from spa clients now for non medicinal forms of treatment such as the trend in med spas and combined with the very rapid growth of speciality teas across the world, we believe that teas should be an important part of the wellbeing process and if they are used in an food and beverage context, they can significantly increase revenues and gross margins. We know all about revenues and margins in a client-facing environment because we have been running our own highly acclaimed tearooms in Central London for many years and many of our clients are from The Middle East. Camellia's Tea House is a tea wellness brand; many of their handmade teas have been designed using teas, herbs and flowers which help specific health ailments from clear skin to diabetes - they claim this is a more natural and gentler alternative to mainstream medicine."

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