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Camellias tea house blog

A lovely blog post by the Social Beautify

Where to get a good 'cuppa' if you have a thing for tea.

A few weeks ago, at lunchtime, my friend took me for a short walk to show me something she thought I would love.

She took me into Kingly Court in Soho, up two flights of stairs and across a walkway into the door of a delightful little teashop, which I had no idea even existed. I was ecstatic as soon as I realised it was a teashop she was taking me too, mainly because I love tea! I was struck by the broad range of tea available and the quirky design. I was also very lucky as I met Lubna Madan the founder of Camellias's Tea House. We arranged a date for me to come back some time and talk about tea.

A month later I went back to Camellia's Tea House and met Lubna as planned. Lubna is a qualified Homeopath combining knowledge and passion to create her own herbal infusions. All her tea and herbs come from tea gardens around the world and there are over 120 different teas to choose from in her tearoom.

I first had the pleasure of trying White Apricot, which was a delicate and refreshing drink. It is a white tea with dried apricot pieces, mullein flowers, marigold flowers and yellow rose buds. We then tried some Beautiful Skin. This is a very light infusion that I could drink any time. The tea is made of chickweed, red clover, nettle, dandelion, marigold, chamomile and rose. The idea behind all the herbal infusions is to create a tea that is going to be good for you whilst being tasty, so we can truly enjoy the moment.

With 120 teas to choose from, it's going to take me probably quite a while to try them all. I was given a couple of Lubna's favourite blends to try at home though. These were White Harmony and Dancing Rose & Violet. The former is truly sensational; it has got lavender as one of the ingredients, which for me gives it a powerful and delicate taste. This tea is great to relax with, whilst the latter is perfect for a fresh start to the day.

I couldn't resist treating myself to some tea making gadgets as well. Lubna has a great collection of essential tea making implements for sale, which allow you to make the perfect brew at home. I left with a thermometer so I can brew my tea at the optimum temperature. I also bought a new infuser and obviously, some tea. This time though it was something different from the norm…Chocolate Tea! It's made of black tea, broken cocoa bits, coconut shreds, chocolate chips and tastes absolutely divine. It really makes my front room and kitchen smell yum!

Camellia's Tea House also offer 'afternoon tea'.  This is ideal for an ultimate 'tea break' with friends. Served on a three-tier cake stand you will find finger sandwiches on the bottom, warm scones served with clotted cream with strawberry jam on the middle and a slice of cake from Camellia's selection on the top tier. Of course this also comes with a pot of tea (or coffee) of your choice all for £15.95… Bargain!  Remember there are 120 teas to choose from though so don't be afraid to ask for some advice.

Did I enjoy my trip to Camellias's Tea House? Absolutely! I learnt so much about tea from Lubna and I was so moved by her passion. I genuinely recommend visiting Lubna's tearoom, where you you'll be able to open a few jars, smell the beautiful scents and If you like it, you can buy a bag or two to take home. Don't worry… all the teas come with the necessary information on how to brew them.


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